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Democrat Alan Grayson Again Proves He’s A Man Of No Moral Conscience Or “Civility”


Florida Rep. Alan Grayson argues that the Tea Party is “no more popular than the Klan.” And in case you didn’t get the point, an email from his campaign illustrates it, complete with burning cross filling in for the “T” in “tea.”

Grayson — who lost his seat in 2010 to a Republican and won it back last year — first compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation. ….. (the stupid Al) Sharpton didn’t react.”  here

Democrat Alan Grayson has always been a nasty little man — but when compared to so many others in the Democrat Party, he’s the usual trench mouth we’ve come to expect the last 2o years.

His intent, of course, is to slander Americans who believe in smaller government, less reckless spending and more personal liberty. Oh the horrors.  He hopes by speaking their name in the same corroded  breath as the KKK he’ll forever link the two, totally opposite entities.

If the Tea Party’s “rating” are low, it can’t be of surprise — these people have been lied about and maligned from our less than gracious President, down through the rotten Socialist Democrat Party, into the corrupt liberal media, twisted through liberal talk radio into the dronish minds of the ‘low information voter’, who spend hours waiting in line for a crummy, taxpayer funded Obama phone.

Propaganda works, as we learned with the Hitler regime.

Apologies will be demanded and won’t come.  Professional Democrats are people of no to low personal morals, who say and do the vilest of things with no guilt.  A hardened conscience will do that over time.  And since the corrupt liberal media approves . . . well, you get the idea.

It’s sickening to know people actually vote fools like Alan Grayson into office.  But I suppose these are the same people who burdened us with Barack Hussein Obama, obamacare, Fast and Furious and the unaccounted for deaths in Benghazi.  They just don’t care what a person is or does, as long as that “D” is beside the name.  D for ‘damnation’, no doubt.

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