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Obama’s War On His American “Enemy” Moves “Forward”

Barack the Thin Skinned Whiner

….. the news media is praising Obama’s crackdown rhetoric on bloggers.

The Washington Post ran a blog that was titled, “President Obama trolls bloggers“, while Politico reported, “Obama hits bloggers, radio ‘talking heads’ who ‘profit from conflict‘”. The Huffington Post, or as conservatives call it the “Puffington Host”, titled their piece “Obama vs. Bloggers: It’s War!”.

Fox News was one of the only news outfits that mentioned media’s hypocritical praise of Obama’s blogger comments, with their article titled, “Media hail Obama’s shutdown victory as he rips bloggers“.  here

Obama has done this before — multiple times.  He’s proved himself over and over again, to be a petty, small little man who is intolerant of any criticism, any alternate views, speech or thought.  How hitler’esque!

Before taking over the Oval Office (previously know as the Oral Office which the immoral, dirty Bill Clinton resided there), Obama whined how (poor little he…)  “didn’t look like the men on the dollar bill” (bringing up the worn out Race Card).  He complained and grumbled about Fox News, the ONLY network which didn’t have a reporter or correspondent shoved up Obama’s hindquarters.  Yes, he’s pathetic, professionally thin-skinned petty man — which has exhibited nothing ‘presidential’ about himself.

Behind his picking on Conservatives bloggers, reports, pundits, etc., is his Saul Alinksy dogma of “destroy your enemy” — make them irrelevant, stupid, racist bigots in the lust for personal destruction of all opponents (aka enemies).  A tactic little Barry . . . Barack has used for many a decade, no doubt.  And being a (half) black Liberal, the tactic scares folks into submission . .  or it used to.  It still works on the cowardly GOP but not on Conservatives of strong character like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Ben Carson, Ann Coulter . . and host of others who are willing to stand up to tyranny, liars, and his Marxist agenda of destruciton.

And little Barack hates it.

Barack is “thin skinned”.  He is intolerant and closed minded.  He’s also a pathological liar, who no doubt was passed through school by Liberals who  always pass along the mediocre black students, out of misdirected pity and “white guilt”.  He’s refused to release college records, which, if were as glorious as he wants us to believe, he’d have hanging behind him in all long-winded, teleprompter read speeches.

Before winning the Senate seat in Illinois, via extremely dirty politics, he was a “community organizer”.  And unless you have a severely handicapped mental development (aka retarded), a community organizer is a street hustler, who goals is to rile people up and keep chaos alive.  This works particularly well in the ill-educated, passed- along- educated/ drop outs, crime ridden “black community”.  And Chicago is a shinning example of that — where yes, where little Barack was a community organizer.

He appears to have has brought his Chicago thug style ‘skills’ to the Oval Office.  He believes in, “You bring a knife, I’ll bring a gun” attitude of dealing with all his opponents and enemies, which is more than half of the American people.

Our only solace — one day he’ll be gone.


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