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Busybodies Ban Another Legal, Harmless Product So They Won’t Be Offended

bluStarbucks wouldn’t go on camera, but a rep over the phone says they’re including e-cigarettes in the ban in order to produce a “streamlined customer experience and because the coffee beans can absorb vapor.”  Read more: here

Because coffee beans absorb vapor?  Has the Liberal owned Starbucks also banned flatulence, coughing and belching?  According to that whacky statement, they should.

That is foolishness.  But we are talking about the Liberal lead agenda of “controlling the masses”, a Communist doctrine.  And we must take note that Liberals never ban what’s considered: obscene, vulgar or intrusive into someone else private business (like smokeless cigarettes).  They haven’t banned Mylie Cyrus or illegal aliens from the stores — but what’s legal and lawful, like cigarettes or the newest E-cigs, oh my — that must go!

Let’s examine the busybodiness agenda of the Liberal, once again.

First they blathered and blustered about the evils of “2nd hand smoke” — regardless of the FACT there is NO evidence, scientific or otherwise, that 2nd hand smoke contributes to cancer.  I know you might be shocked, but facts can be shocking.  I personally spent 27 years living in a “smoking environment” — my parents, family, friends.  Everyone smoked.  My siblings and I have had no ill effects.  But don’t take one little example  . . . there is NO evidence of harm!  If there were, millions of people would have already died from 2nd hand smoke!

But this E-cigarette has NO SMOKE.  So what is the real gripe?  The real complaint is the snooty, busybody attitude of Liberalism:  they don’t approved – so others must be punished.

Liberals Dont Know BestWe’ve allowed the Minority Liberals (Progressives, Socialist and Communist) of America, to dictate their will over the Majority.  Thems just’da facts.

And I wonder if the true majority will ever take a stand, before it’s too late?

We’ve watched as Liberals tried to ban 32 oz. DRINK CUPS and LEGALS products like cigarettes, cigars and E-cigarettes.  Have we decided as a country, that Liberals Know Best?  They do not!

Our forefathers fought and died brutal deaths, so that we, their prodigy, could have the right to make decision for ourselves, regarding our personal lives.  We have been throwing that away, decade after decade. In another 20 years or possibly much less, our kids or grand-kids will awaken to see they have no liberty, no choices, no hope . . .  just governemnt oppression.  Government telling us what will and will not be acceptable.

It’s just an E-cigarette . . . it’s just a 32 oz. drink cup . . . it’s just our liberty . . . and once gone, it will be nearly impossible to regain.


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