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“Slam Bam, Thank You, Ma’am” Given A Whole New Meaning

abortion_specialist_CASACRAMENTO, Calif. –  Nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants in California will be allowed to perform a type of early abortion under legislation signed Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown, an action that drew condemnation from Catholic bishops….

“Timely access to reproductive health services is critical to women’s health,” Atkins said in a statement Wednesday. “AB154 will ensure that no woman has to travel excessively long distances or wait for long periods in order to obtain an early abortion.”  here

“Timely access” to “ensure that no woman has to travel excessively long distances” . . . Obama forbid!  Why stop here?  Females should have access to an abortion clinic on every street corner.  Convenience and speed, are key components to make killing those unwanted babies, fast and easy, right?

No Waiting; No Thinking; Your Friendly, Convenient Attendant Is At Your Beck’n Call”

Maybe Drive Up windows, should be next on the Democrat agenda? And when the shortage of nurses and midwives falls to an unacceptable level, I’m sure drug store clerks and ‘obamacare’ IRS Agents, can take up the slack!

Priorities, priorities, priorities . . . and to the Liberal, little is ahead of abortions except raising more money for the Democrat Party.



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