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D.C. Trucker Shutdown Full-Speed Ahead: ‘Demands Obama be removed from office’

truckersAmerica is in deep trouble it seems, but not because of the electorate. The problem is fundamental: rather than working on behalf of working Americans, the ruling elite in Washington DC bury the reality of the federal government’s failures, as well as a list of scandals too long to list – under a pile fabricated PR statements and lies designed to avoid facing up to the facts.

Thousands of American truckers are taking the issue a notch higher – by organising a full-court press on Washington DC and demanding an end to the Obama’s White House’s trampling and dismantling of the US Constitution, and demanding his removal from office.” read full article: here

Hooray for these truckers.

Americans are going to our jobs, waiting on pensions checks, managing our budget to pay for food, electricity and medical bills — while Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats play political games with our lives and livelihoods.

I don’t put the Republicans into this list of political- posturings- boobs, because they’re not “playing game”.  They are only entity in D.C., at present (God bless the Conservatives among them!), fighting for what’s right. They’ve (sadly) allowed Obama and the radical Democrats to play games, spend money and break the Laws of our Constitution for way too many years.  It’s time to hold everyone accountable. 

Obama and the Democrats have refused to negotiate.  They have moved forward with their pathetic tactic of punishing innocent citizens at every opportunity.  Spending more, unnecessary money to close down open WWII Memorials to vets and tourist, closing parking lots, closing boat docks and closing public State highways, is unspeakably asinine. 

All in hopes to blaming Republicans — for the temper tantrum coming from the White House.  

Every Democrat should be fired.  Not next voting cycle, not next week — but today.  Obama should be run out of the White House, out of town . . . . and back to his “home country” (to quote Michelle), Kenya.

We have lawlessness, tyranny and fascism in Washington D.C.  A man playing Grand Poobah who doesn’t respect the Constitution, his oath, our military, the American people nor our established way of life.  There are more legitimate, legal reasons to Impeach this fraud than there are to keep him around.

May God bless these trucker.  And I’m sure our fascist government will have armed forced ready to arrest every one of them.



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