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Soviet Intelligence Promoted “Christian” Marxism/ Socialism: Liberation Theology

disiformationKhrushchev, 1959: “Religion is the opiate of the people, so let’s give them opium.” He flatly says that Liberation Theology is “KGB-invented.” He has first-hand knowledge of secret Romanian agents being dispatched to Latin America to spread it among the religious masses. (*primarily the Catholic church)

Pope John Paul II had a Vatican committee study Liberation Theology in 1984, Pacepa documents in a 2009 article for FrontPage. It concluded that it was a mixture of “class struggle” and “violent Marxism.”

Robert. D. Chapman writes:  “Without doubt, the Theology of Liberation doctrine (*THIS is what is taught by Barack Obama’s radical Chicago minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright) is one of the most enduring and powerful to emerge from the KGB’s headquarters. The doctrine asks the poor and downtrodden to revolt and form a Communist government, not in the name of Marx or Lenin, but in continuing the work of Jesus Christ, a revolutionary who opposed economic and social discrimination.” (*This was NOT a “doctrine” of the Lord Jesus the Christ)

The third leg was promoting an anti-capitalist, anti-Western brand of Christianity. If the KGB could not eliminate Christianity, it reasoned it might as well manipulate it. Liberation Theology was born.”  read the entire article:   here  

Excellent article and I’m sure the book is informational as well.  And for all of you professing Christians who still tout that Christianity and the Bible teach SOCIALISM, I hope you awake from your spiritual slumber.  It’s an evil of communism — the Doctrine of Satan.

(*My personal comments and additions)


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