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Obama Has Almost 20 Millions Fake Twitter Followers

bo_fakersBarack Obama is political king of the fake Twitter followers, with more than 19.5 MILLION online fans who don’t really exist
Barack Obama’s Twitter following includes 19.5 million people who don’t exist, and the first lady has 1.9 million nonexistent fans of her own

Among influential U.S. political tweeters, President Barack Obama is the undisputed king of the fake followers. A MailOnline analysis ranks his sizable Twitter following as the most deceptive total among the 21 most influential accounts run by American politicians: More than 19.5 million of his 36.9 million Twitter followers are accounts that don’t correspond to real people.”  Read more: here

And how many of these “fake” Democrat Twitters, voted?  I imagine all of them…


One comment on “Obama Has Almost 20 Millions Fake Twitter Followers

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    October 3, 2013

    Obumbo obviously has to engage in such dishonest and deceptive charades because not only is that who he is, but it covers for his glaring masculine inadequacies and epicenism. This along with his plummeting approval ratings (that are also covered up and ignored).


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