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Fox Sports Fires Craig James For Supporting “Marriage”

jamesLawyers have initiated court action against Fox Sports for the network’s firing of Craig James, reportedly because of James’ traditional Christian belief that marriage is between a man and woman. Legal papers specifically call out Fox Sports’ Co-President Eric Shanks, who James claims made “the Godfather call” to terminate him.

Fox Sports took James off the air, with the Dallas Morning News quoting a Fox spokesperson saying, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department. He couldn’t say those things here.”

The statements in question were made when James was running as a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012, not on air during any sports broadcast. Yesterday, Fox Sports contradicted its earlier statement, claiming that James was fired because the decision to hire him was “not properly vetted” and James was “not a good fit for Fox Sports.”here

So much for freedom of speech.

First the Liberals attacked and ravaged cooking queen, Paul Deen, for uttering “nigger” almost 30 (thirty) years ago.  A word, which considered rude by most, but is used constantly among black youth, middle aged black folks, older black folks, Rappers and other celebrities (Whoopie Goldberg, for one).  But our Superior Liberals of the day, deemed that acceptable —  for a white woman to ever have used.  Ah yes, the hypocrisy is staggering and choking out an entire society, stuffed to the gills with Political Correctness.

Now here’s another un-politically correct white male, Craig James, who must be drug over the proverbial coals, fired and possibly sent to prison or the gallows, for making a statement on the campaign trail, that marriage is between a man and woman. Which shockingly, is the same thing Barack Hussein Obama said on the campaign trail in 2007 and 2008.  The hypocrisy is staggering and choking out an entire society,  stuffed to the gills with Political Correctness. . . . oh, I just said that.  Well, the truth can never be repeated too often.

A boy was recently suspended from school for playing with a plastic gun in his own yard, not at school . . . in his own yard.  How long before Liberal Entrenched Busybody Big Brother will be doing the same to us lowly commoners, for such crimes as eating a salty snacks and having a 32 oz. soft drink in our own homes? Are we to be monitored for our words uttered while doing laundry or texting our spouse?  Oh yeah, that’s already being done, thanks to the Obama regime.  The hypocrisy and oppression America is suffering under, is staggering and choking out an entire society, stuffed to the gills with Political Correctness and Liberal policies.



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