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“Doing The Right Thing” Equals “Suspension” And Possible Expulsion For A Honest Kid

knifeA Pennsylvania high school student has been suspended for what his attorney calls “doing the right thing” – handing in a pocket knife that he accidentally brought to a football game.

David Schaffner III, 16, was cutting branches near his hunting tree stand behind his home in Fox Chapel on Friday before he went to his school’s football game, his father, David, told CBS Pittsburgh.  Schaffner’s attorney, Phil Dilucente, said Schaffner forgot he had the pocket knife on him and turned it in to a security guard at the game.

Schaffner was asked to leave the game and on Monday was handed a 10-day out-of-school suspension by the Fox Chapel Area school district. The district’s parent-student handbook says students who bring weapons to school or school-related events – including knifes and firearms – can be expelled for a year..”  Read more: here

This story is so absurd and ridiculous that it would be laughable, if it weren’t for the fact that this stunt by the school distinct could ruin this young man’s life.  He’s being punished for doing the right thing; the punishment will be on his “permanent record”, which could effect college applications as well as future job employment.  All because Liberals have NO common sense.

I can’t image he won’t win any legal argument, but how much money will  that cost this hard working family?  Money they might not actually be able to afford but are forced to spend to defend the rights and honor of their son.

Liberal on display — no tolerance, no understanding, no common sense.  Just their backasswards interpretation of some ridiculous law they created.  God have mercy.


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