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Obama: Arming Syrian Terrorist While Wanting More Gun Control For Americans

syriaObama waives ban on arming terrorists
Clears the way for military support of Syrian rebels, including al-Qaida

President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to “vetted” opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. Some elements of the Syrian opposition are associated with radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda,…
The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would “waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the AECA related to such a transaction.” full story: here

This would be unbelievable, if it weren’t typical of this predictably, backasswards President.   But how brave he is, how proud he must be, to give help to the very face of evil in spite of all opposition coming from — thinking Americans.

He swore years ago, that he’d “stand on the side of Muslims” when push came to shove  . . . .  and that must mean at any cost, anytime, anywhere.  While he’s gun ho (pun intended) on sending weapons to Syria (and elsewhere) to literally arm our sworn enemy, we know he has itchy fingers for more ‘gun control’ on law abiding Americans, wishing to keep their God given and Constitutional right to defend themselves.

Yet again, another reason Conservatives sounded the alarm not to elect this man.



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