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Dear Abby, I’ve Been Violated By My Government. Where Are My Miranda Rights?!”

I’d heard of the U.S. Census “long form”, many years ago.  This was my first time to be the victim of one.  And “let me be clear” (to quote Obama), I do mean — victim.

It’s called the American Survey — so quaint and homey sounding, isn’t it.

As I started to fill it out, I found I was getting angrier and angrier until I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, go on.  I contacted The American Center for Law and Justice, in hopes of getting one answer: do I have to fill this out?!

Bless their hearts!  I got an answered back in less than 24 hours (and I submitted my question/ concerns on a Sunday p.m.)  And yes, by “law”, these 100 questions (for 2 people!) must be answered. . .  although, they’re not aware of anyone being prosecuted for not answering.  There is also $5000 fine.

Ridiculous, absurd and obscene.

Questions are so intrusive that they’re beyond simply intrusive.  These are questions I wouldn’t answer for a close friend, family or doctor, unless I chose so voluntarily, which I most likely, would never, ever do.

Our government wants to know what utilities we have, use and how much each cost per month, year — do I need ‘help standing?’, ‘how often?’, ‘problem seeing?’ . . . how many trips to the toilet per day (OK, haven’t finished it and that might not be in there, but I wouldn’t be surprise)  AND THIS IS THEIR BUSINESS?  Where are my Miranda Rights?!  Criminals have more ‘rights’, than the American citizen on the U.S. Government Census!

gov_surv-1XI’ve contacted both Cong. Ted Poe and Sen. Rand Paul, who are supposed to be working on a bill to make this “voluntary”, so I could express my disgust and support for ending this rape of my personal privacy.  But sadly, with our government, the ONLY “right to privacy” they find, is if we want an ABORTION.

Government wants information on it’s ‘subjects’, to better control said subjects.  I never would have thought the IRS, EPA, HLS, Bureau of Land Management and a slew of other government offices and officials, would be “targeting” conservative Americans and calling them “dangerous” and the “enemy”, simply because they believe IN the Constitution and smaller government (which is what our Constitution demands!)  But I know for a fact, this has and still is……. going on.

gov_surv-2bXI will ‘answer’ these horrendous Hitleresk questions… and will say no more, considering how our government monitors everything we do, say, write, read and text.  And I will feel like spitting the entire time.



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