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Chemicals Kill Syrian Children — They Also Kill The Unborn Children In America, Mr. Obama

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Star Parker: syndicated columnist

*WARNING: harsh photos attached

The president cast his rationale for wanting to take action in moral terms. But the very dubious moral record this president has established, both regarding respecting the sanctity of life and traditional moral principles, seriously undermines his credibility for moral leadership.  He called Assad’s using poisonous gas against “a thousand people – including hundreds of children” a “crime against humanity.”

He said “… when, with modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death, and thereby make our own children safer in the long run, I believe we should act. That’s what makes America different.” . . . .
Earlier this year, President Obama became the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America.
He concluded his remarks to that group the same way he concluded his address to the nation about Syria the other night – saying “God bless you.”   here

abortion killing

Innocent aborted child, not even given the dignity of a sheet over it’s body

syria killing

Muslims killings in Syria

Liberals are incompetent as well as too emotionally dangerous, to be allowed to hold any public office.  Their disease of Liberalism is incestuous, hazardous and has the most serious repercussion on everyone it touches.

Typical of the disease, Obama cannot SEE what is clearly in front of his eyes.  He fully endorses and supports the murder of the innocent unborn children of America, by abortions, in which often ‘chemicals’ are used — while he pompously touts his disdain for the chemical gassing of Muslims in Syria?

He has given “thank you’s and God blesses to the hideous organized known as Planned Parenthood, who is directly responsive for the murder of millions of American children and did so without so much as a flutter of conscience.  That’s insanity.


2 comments on “Chemicals Kill Syrian Children — They Also Kill The Unborn Children In America, Mr. Obama

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 15, 2013

    O’bumbo has no clue what makes America different because he doesn’t believe in America to even care. Even Darth Axelrod, the professional liar, and Valkyrie Jar-rat, the evil witch from Hell, can’t advise The One™ on this glaring lode of hypocrisy. It would have been more appropriate for o’bumbo to parrot the words of his mentor Rev. Wrong: “God DAMN [Planned Parenthood!]”


    • RightyPunditry
      September 16, 2013

      There’s been an predetermined assault on our educational system — to teach propaganda, that truth/ facts. I suppose, much like was done in Germany. It began when gov. basically took over schools. Liberalism is a destructive force, which feeds off empty minds and fills that vacuum with lies. The lies breed more hate and contempt and in this cases, it’s for America itself. Of course BHO doesn’t know what “exceptionalism” seems — he’s willed himself to be ignorant and filled with bigotry for the nation that was stupid enough to elect a fraud, racist black Marxist.


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