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Buffoonish Ed Schultz: “Amazed” Obama Isn’t “Loved”

ed schultz the idiotA perplexed Ed Schultz on Friday couldn’t fathom why Americans have failed to “love Obama.” The MSNBC anchor highlighted a new poll showing that the President only has a 45 percent approval rating. Schultz marveled, “I just cannot believe this number. Seriously.”

The confused host sputtered, “It amazes me that people don’t love Obama…It just amazes me he can’t get above 50 percent when it comes to a favorable view of the economy.” Schultz also took time to trash Ronald Reagan, the man who won 49 states in his 1984 reelection bid.”  Read Newsbusters full story:  here

Not surprising.  Ed Schultz would likely be “amazed” that the people who wanted to rebel against the oppression of King George. . . . such a delightful, ‘loved’ man, no doubt.  What was all this “radical” talk of rebelling against Glorious George?!  Just stunning.

‘Sergeant’ Schultz’s mind has been so indoctrinated by Liberalism that the only “amazing” element about it, is that it keeps his heart going pitter- patter.

Since he’s not a reporter nor journalist of any moral fiber or ethical standards, it’s easy to see how he simply reads the daily dribble delivered to MSNBC from this White House, gobbles it up and regurgitates the most interesting parts, like “Obama saved Syria”, “Obama’s New Friendship With ‘Rev.’ Putin”… or whatever.  Ole Eddie is an easy mark: an empty headed, propagandized, loyal Liberal drone.  One who never saw a communist, socialist or Marxist he didn’t “love”.

Obama isn’t loved by America. He never was and never will be, because of who and what he is — an anti- American Marxist, who was successful in fooling enough voters to get in office, twice.  And that was primarily because of his skin color.  Color we weren’t supposed to even notice, unless we were of the correct party affiliation – Democrat.  He was offered up and ran on his skin tone and then pushed to be the ‘can’t we all come together’ person of the 21st century.  He wasn’t and no we can’t.  Not on lies.

Obama was only the newest President and one everyone hoped would do what was right for America... and not what was right for their agenda.  He was all about ideology and agenda,  and the reason he’s not only failed in being a heralded leader and President, but failed at being a descent person.  He’s biased and bigoted toward his liberal ideology alone, and he loathes those on any other side.  They are his self proclaimed “enemies” and why Conservatives, like the Tea Party organizers, were targeted by the IRS.

Most people don’t, nor should they particularly need to, “love” their Presidents.  Respect would be nice but isn’t required — and lets be honest, most don’t deserve it.

Barack Hussein Obama has failed miserably at acquiring ‘respect’, much less “love” from Americans and the world.  I don’t even think Liberals, radical and mild alike, respect or love this man — his arrogance and pompous, superior attitude ward off most admirers. He comes off as cold, hard, harsh and a pathological liar.  These are qualities of a lot of politicians, but in particular, Liberal Democrats, Marxist, Kings, Emperors, Rulers and other ‘dear leaders’ throughout history.  And probably the main reason Barry Barack Hussein Soto Obama isn’t “love”.  Get over it, Eddie.

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  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 15, 2013

    [I][…] a new poll showing that the President only has a 45 percent approval rating. Schultz marveled, “I just cannot believe this number. Seriously.”[/I] Eddie, those are pretty good numbers for a ‘foodstamp’ president with several impeachable scandals under his belt while he sells this country to the highest foreign bidder. But what really bothers you isn’t the fact that a majority doesn’t ‘love’ O’bumbo, it’s that a majority doesn’t share your low information values and points of view, Eddie boy.


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