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“Bible Thumper” – Disparaging, Offensive Term For Christians

“Bible thumper”  n. Offensive  “Used as a disparaging term for a Christian, especially a fundamentalist or evangelical Christian, considered to be overly zealous in haranguing or censuring others.”  thefreedictionary.com

I was called a “Bible thumper” the other day (one of the nicer terms used by Liberal acquaintances , I might add).  I mulled over the term awhile and realized, although defined as and meant to be “offensive”, rude and dismissive, it’s quite the honor.

bible readingAn honor, shamefully, not well deserved.  I don’t ‘thump’ enough.

Believers should all be, or strive to be, “Bible thumpers” – ones who can quickly point to a verse of scripture, name it, call it and correctly define it.  The later being the most important.  It’s wonderful to know God’s scripture well enough to call name and verse, as in 1Jn. 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleans us from all  unrighteousness” — I hope to improve.

But the point is, this person used the term as derogatory . . .  but it’s actually a blessing.  So, I thank the Lord, I thank the Holy Spirit, I thank my Pastor- Teachers, I thank my church assembly for giving me the opportunity to become a “Bible thumper”.

As for improving, that’s always the goal for a Christian.  Especially in correctly defining a verse.  God does not want us to be ignorant.  If He did, He wouldn’t have bothered to give us His Word in written form.  But it does take some striving to understand and find correct pastor- teachers —  that true, deep understanding can only come from expository teaching.

Example:  1Jn. 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleans us from all  unrighteousness”  That verse is not intended for the unsaved.  It would be useless for them to even try to use it, because it’s not talking to them!  Sadly, I do see and hear the unsaved being told to ‘confess’, ‘repent’, ‘as the Lord into their heart’ — all of which are not just wrong, inaccurate, but dangerously useless.  Incorrect because that is not for the Bible says! (*more later)

But back to 1 Jn. 1:9 – that verse is only meant for Christians.  Those of us who have a personal relationship through the saving grace of Lord Jesus.  We need to, we must “confess” any and all sins we can remember, so that we can stay in “temporal fellowship” with God, through the Holy Spirit.  Then we are “spiritual” beings, we are actually ‘sinless beings’… at least until that next sin comes along!  We are in direct contact and able to be influenced by our Lord and Holy Spirit.  And you can see, if you’re not a Christian, there’s NO point in confessing sin.

*For the unbeliever, those who are still in that ‘lost’ state of being, there is only one pertinent thing for them to know and understand: Jn. 3:16  That God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him, should not perish, but have ever lasting life”

God “gave” – it was by the Father’s doing; by His personal will

“His ONLY begotten Son” – only, means — only; there is no other.  Not Mohammad or Buddha or John Smith, or Jim Jones… His ONLY created by God Himself; the exactly mirror image of God Himself, Son. (Colossians 1:15-20)

“whosoever BELIEVED” — anyone who makes that mental assent; that mental choice to BELIEVE in Who Jesus Christ is (see above statement).  Jesus was the man, yet God, born of a virgin, who suffered, was crucified and put to physical death for YOUR personal sins and then arose again, that whoever believes will have eternal life.  Once and for all; He did it all, it’s finished” — Omega.

“should not perish, but have everlasting life”  Christians do commit sin as we live our lives, it would be impossible not to — but we never lose our salvation: “should not perish” – Omega – the end!  What we do find, is that we’re out of “temporal fellowship” until we use 1 Jn. 1:9 again.  We’re told that we have — not hope to have, or might receive, or will get if we’re good enough, but that we “have everlasting life”.  That’s eternity with God. Not because of anything we’ve done — but by His loving grace.  It’s ALL what God has done FOR us, fallen, sinful man and not anything that sinful man has done for God.

I hope to be a “Bible thumper” — that’s one of the ways we can give the Word to other lost souls and encouragement to our fellow brethren.  “Overly zealous” . . we should be.  God certainly is, because too many people are on the path to eternity without God.

As for “haranguing” that’s in the eyes of the beholder.  People are going to be “offended” by the Word of God.  They’re offended to be told that their sin is ‘sin’.  Just as believers should be “censuring”, defined as “expressing severe disapproval”.  We are called to disprove of sin and evil, as we point to the saving grace of God.

“Politicians can’t solve social problem with laws.  Only God, through changing the human nature, can change the problem (human nature)   Dr. John Danish, BMC,  ‘Faith Unmovable No 2. Rom. 4: 19 -25



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