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Democrat Pelosi: “They’re Children Wherever They Are” . . . Except In The Womb

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, wallowing in her hypocrisy

“Were these children in America?” the little boy inquired. “No, but they’re children wherever they are,” Pelosi responded. Exactly.   here

Give Democrats enough room and time, and they’ll always expose their hypocrisy.  Usually it doesn’t take but moments . . .

Congresswoman Pelosi, an avowed Catholic (who also received a stern reprimand from the Catholic church for her love of abortion), was attempting to make a case for Obama beginning a war against Syria.  It’s ‘for the children’, she stutters and slobbers.

Oh, really? Liberal Nancy Pelosi isn’t for the protection of American children or she wouldn’t be such a enthusiast for abortion! No constraints, no time limits — nothing should come between a female and the death of her unborn, in Nancy view.

Children are children in the womb, Ms. Pelosi.  When left un-murdered, they become human beings, who grown up to become adult human beings — not frogs or Guinea pigs or even puppy dog tails.  But people who were given life, by God.

And yet the warped, deranged mind of a Liberal sees useless, inconvenient cells.  Not vulnerable children in the womb.  Possibly Pelosi would change her mind on abortion where she to learn they were all Syrian children, waiting to be born?

One comment on “Democrat Pelosi: “They’re Children Wherever They Are” . . . Except In The Womb

  1. Paul
    September 24, 2013

    Well said. Oh, if only Pelosi, herself, had been aborted.


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