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Another Obama’s “If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like …. Lashawn Marten” Emerges

attacker‘I Hate White People’: Random Racial Rampage in New York Leaves One Man Brain Dead

The New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating a savage attack that took place Wednesday afternoon in Union Square, after witnesses say a man vowed to attack white people before assaulting multiple individuals and leaving one man brain dead.

The black suspect, Lashawn Marten, 31, was playing chess before randomly jumping up and declaring “I hate white people,” according to one witness.  Another eye-witness told WLNY-TV that Marten said “the next white person who walks by I’m going to f**k.

“His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground,” the unidentified witness added.   here

Shall we wonder if Barack Hussein Obama will interject himself into this “suspect’s” case?  Will he be asserting that this poor black individual was trying to protect himself?  Was little Lashawn  fearful of being ‘targeted’ by the “white” man for simply standing on the street?  Was it years of hearing Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Shelia Jackson Lee and the likes, complain about “white injustice” that caused Lashawn attack?

Or was it a “hate crime” committed by a bitter, angry black man who hates white people due to the racist propaganda he’s eagerly gobbled up for many, many years?



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