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Jackson: Martin Luther King Day Should Rightly Be Referred To As “Pimp Day”?

pimp daddyEach year, old-school Democrat pimps roll into Washington DC, acting as if they are paying homage to the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What should be the celebration of the greatness of Americaits ability to overcome Democrat oppression of blacks—is instead a celebration of the lunacy of Liberalism.

One of America’s best known pimps, Al Sharpton gave a speech and essentially said, though black people are firmly entrenched in all areas of American society and at all economic levels, in the last 50 years black people have accomplished nothing. The millions of middle-class blacks who daily contribute to the fabric of America and have proven that successful blacks are mainstream, and not anecdotal, mean nothing to Liberals.

Despite the fact that America has more black millionaires in all walks of life than any other country means nothing to Liberals. America has created more iconic blacks like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, even the president of the United States. Black people known all over the world means nothing to Liberals.What Sharpton proclaims about America is an insult to black Americans; a slap in the face of black achievement. However, black Liberals are too stupid to realize that.Read more at here

jamesBefore you pull out your daggers, fire up the blogosphere with the terms “racist!”, “hate speech” and “hate monger”, you should realize this article was written by a black man — so you’ll have to switch your tactics to “Oreo!!”, “cracker” and the like.  Or you could read his entire article and t h i n k  about what he says.  I know that’s asking a lot from a Liberal, as thinking is usually not a require Topic in the department of ‘higher education’, but in this instance it would be beneficial to the reader.

It’s difficult for a Conservative to understand the liberal psychology, since it’s grounded in all things ‘backasswards’.  It’s opposed to Common Sense, logic, facts and the pesky thing called the truth.  It creates its own scenarios and then believes them, with no legitimate grounds or basics.  And the Liberal mind is never concerned or questions — simple repeats and re-repeats the untrue, like a well oiled drone.

Here’s an opportunity to do something else.  Give it chance.  True enlightenment is always worth the risk.



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