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“Republicans Need To Stand Up For What They Believe In!” — Unfortunately They Are

“Republicans need to stand up for what they believe in…”

RINO _just say noI recently heard this comment — for the umpteenth time, I might add.  But this time, that little light bulb went off  . . .  Republicans are “standing up for what they believe in”, which is: the status quo, perpetual continuance in Public office, and being part of the renowned  ‘Big Boys Club’ of Washington D.C.

Not all Republicans, of course.  We do have a ‘few good men’ — namely Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, but a handful of Constitutional Conservatives does not a Party make.

There was a time not too long ago, when the GOP did stand for something and something is better than status quo.  But it presently lacks any positive, strong Leadership.  It’s chosen to be lead by paid consultant who tell them how they should be like Democrats, not offend the Independent and blow off their (conservative) base supporters.  This massive herd of RINO’s, are all be useless.

These are the people who’s primary goal isn’t to ‘serve their constituent’ but serve those who “donate” money to the continual reelection campaign, and then to do their bidding, as dutiful representatives. Their goal is to stay in office and get reelected so they can stay in office; repeat, repeat, repeat.

This should be of no surprise, because those elected to Federal office are some of the riches people in the U.S. . . especially Democrats (check the facts for yourself).  Just as Washington D.C. hasn’t experienced any of the Obama recession with their massive home growth and growing wages, working for the government pays off very well.  Need we be reminded that their paychecks come from our checkbooks?

2 jerks in one

Republican John “Barack” Boehner – more failed leadership from a go- along moderate, RINO

Lack of Republican Leadership, like Cong. John Boehner, is crumbling the Party.  He in the House and Sen. Mitch McConnell in the Senate, have done nothing to advance the Party, the Constitution, the well being of Americans or America itself.  They pontificate, from time to time, on ‘stopping Obama’ yet physically do nothing.  It’s talk, bluster and self- aggrandizing of the worst sort.

The pathetic fact about current Republicans in D.C. is — they don’t fight their own opposition.  They have not and will not “stand up” to racial liberal Democrat policies and fight like the warriors we need, because they don’t believe in or understand Conservative principles.  Nor do they appear to want to.

For the most part, they’re mealy mouth souls, clinging to office, money and power . . . and for the most part, hate Constitutional Conservatives as much as Democrats.  It takes just too much work for them to speak and teach Conservationism. These are basic lazy individuals. Much easier to go- along- to get- along with their ole drinking buddies on the Left and hopefully get the occasional good write up in the NY Times and Liberal lead news media.

They don’t care nor are they willing to fight the destruction of the unconstitutional loving D.C. Liberals, which include Obama and 95% of Democrats.  ‘Obamacare’ is hand-wringing in public and then drooling in the backrooms, over their chance to get their greedy little hands on that money source.

Obama has brought up the most radical of Leftist for his the Supreme Court nominations, and Republicans gave a go- ahead- vote, with little protest.  Neither of those women (Sotomayor & Kagan) should ever have been allowed on any court, much less the Supreme.  Neither could say, nor would say, they believed in upholding the Constitution.  They heehawed as expected.  Then they both sworn an oath to uphold it?

Republicans should have had that fight, said no and readied for the next radical move of Barack Hussein Obama.  They did not and do not and must carry their part of the blame for the horrendous state of the nation, the implemented, failed, harmful polices which hurt citizens and a dismal Obama economy.  They do not because they don’t know how and are afraid to ‘take on the black Democrat’ and be called names.  It’s all about themselves, their well being, their continued reign in the Congress, their wealth accumulation and their power. Where does that leave America?  Where does that live us, the citizens who vote them in?  Where does that leave the Constitution?  Where will this leave our children?

Nothing will change until voters change, look at who and what they’re voting for — which must be Conservatives supporting the Constitution.  Otherwise, all is lost as American morphs into the new USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – communist Russia) —  the United Socialist State of America.

It’s very sad, a bit depressing and more than disheartening to see what is happening to America, as people busy themselves with Face Book and Twitter . . . and ‘twerking’ . . .  power brokers in D.C. mow down our Constitutional rights as a free people.  Some of us realize that the Democrat Party is the new Socialist Party of America and that the Republican Party have been consumed with Moderate (wimps), unconstitutional politicians seeking their own.  These people must be voted out and replaced with fighting, strong, engaging Conservatives, who will “fight the good fight” and “stand UP for what they believe in”.

Pray, hope and work for the goal.


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  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 4, 2013

    I didn’t leave the repiblican party, it left me.


  2. Ampoch
    September 7, 2013

    Reblogged this on Americans for Political Change.


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