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Woman Attacked In Pittsburgh Believes Black Teen Girls Were Motivated By Racism


Kick Her in the Head!’: Woman Savagely Attacked in Pittsburgh Believes Beating Was ‘Very Racially Motivated’

A Pittsburgh-area woman who police say was beaten and robbed in the middle of the street says she believes the attack was “very racially motivated.”

Ginger Slepski, 32, was driving in Pittsburgh’s North Side around 2 p.m. on Sunday, reports indicate, when a bottle struck her vehicle at a stop sign.  She said she got out and confronted the group of black girls who did it.  “I was mad. I knew they were younger. I thought they were in their early 20s. I got out and said, ‘What is your problem?’” Slepski told WPXI-TV. The girls allegedly responded with slurs like, “Shut up white [expletive]” and “Get that white [expletive]” before physically attacking her.

“The one punched me in the head, and I was on a set of concrete steps and my head hit the concrete so hard,” Slepski remarked.  “Then they all got on top of me and all their hands were in my hair, and they kept telling each other, ‘kick her in the head! Kick her head in the concrete!”

Slepski said there were a number of witnesses around, but they were too scared to intervene. And when the witnesses yelled that they were calling police, it seemed like “it only made it worse.”  Eventually, one witness said, a man was able to help Slepski and police rounded up the suspects.”  read more:    here

These young black ‘thugs’, were girls 14, 15 and 16 years old.  Speaks well of the self appointed “black leaders” including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama… let’s throw in Eric Holder too, just to name a handful.  Shamefully, there are many others who thrive and puff their chests over “social justice” and “getting whitey

When you breed self pity, hatred and race driven agenda 24/7 you end up with violence in these ‘targeted’ youth, who have been taught, through Liberalism, that they’re justified in hating, beating or killing non- blacks and in particular, white people.

We’ve heard Bill Cosby address some of these issue — but rarely if ever, from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama… let’s throw in Eric Holder, etc.  These people rarely, if ever, address the hatred and contempt they themselves spread to the black community — nor the horrendous problem of fatherless children, drug abuse and where Welfare, joblessness and encouragement of a poor education is prevalent.   These people are too consumed with spreading their agenda of ‘racial divide, deepens my pockets’.

One comment on “Woman Attacked In Pittsburgh Believes Black Teen Girls Were Motivated By Racism

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    August 29, 2013

    Jesse Jackass, Al “not so” Sharpton, Baroke O’bama and Holdem Holder are directly responsible for fanning the flames of racism and bigotry in the black community and this is the result, among many examples. You don’t hear much about Shorty Belton these days, or the racially motivated mindless killing of the Australian student killed by black thug racists.

    These sorts of acts of racial violence and hatred will go down as O’bama’s greatest achievements and legacy.


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