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MLK Had A “Dream” — Liberal Democrats Keep Trying To Make It A Nightmare

On Wednesday, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat who will likely run for president in 2016, said the lives of “people of color” are valued less than those of whites in America.

Speaking on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, O’Malley said there is “too much apathy” in America “when the lives of people of color are too often valued less than the lives of white people.”

He called for a variety of actions that included “abolishing the death penalty,” helping immigrants, and raising the minimum wage.   here

This man, who  is misguided voters made Governor, is undoubtedly and unquestionably an obnoxious, lovers of lies . .  and does so without shame.  Fortunately for him, he’s not alone, as there are many such characters within the Democrat Party and news media.  A Liberal mind is a thing of waste.

Dr. King preached ‘peace, love, forgiveness’… and not judging by skin color.

Liberals preach social unrest, unabashed hatred, beating a long, dead horse — and judging by politics.

Not one Republican or Conservative was ask to speak at the rather gaudy, self- aggrandizing show these Liberals put on today in “honor” of King.  Truly, it was to ‘honor’ themselves.  Oprah Winfrey, who would not be one of the riches women in the world were it not for her WHITE audience, whining about the victim-hood of being black.  Obama, who never misses an opportunity to push his racist, socialist agenda, didn’t fail this time either.

And this political hack, racist driven bigot Democrat Martin O’Malley is obviously hoping to convince fools, that he’s the man for 2016.

It’s the Liberals that are forever blathering about “hate speech” from the Right, Conservatives, Republicans, “crackers” . . . . but if this isn’t “hate speech”, none exist.  Of course there will be no apology, no shame from the shamelessness.  After all, they’re Leftist and have no shame.  Their agenda is divide and conquer; keep the ignorant and uninformed, ignorant and uninformed; race bate and catch as many fools as they can.

I’m glad MKL didn’t live to see the day his fellow Democrats, especially the ones of color, so shamed themselves, America, and King — all for political ends.

Democrats: Piped Pipers Of Racism Drawing Their Crowds

Democrats: Piped Pipers Of Racism Drawing Their Crowds


2 comments on “MLK Had A “Dream” — Liberal Democrats Keep Trying To Make It A Nightmare

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    August 29, 2013

    This was truly an unbridled race-baitin’ hate-fest of monumental proportion, occupied by some of the most reprehensible of human debris.

    I’m certain that if MLK were alive today, and witnessed this “vision of Hell”, he would either be driven to suicide or “lynched” in the same fashion these leftist libertines lynch all people of color who espouse such “white crackah” views.


    • RightyPunditry
      August 29, 2013

      We can hope or imagine he might speak out against what these racist hustler and racially driven hate mongers are doing…. his niece has certainly spoken out against the bigotry she’s seen from these ppl.


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