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Liberal Cornel West Appears On AL JAZEERA To Rant That Black Men Are In Jail For Committing Crimes

westidiotCornel West said that under President Barack Obama there has been an increase in what he called the “new Jim Crow” and claimed his presidency has thus been a failure.

Appearing in a Monday interview on Al Jazeera America’s Talk to Al Jazeera with David Shuster, West said 2.5 million new prisoners have been incarcerated while Obama has been in office mostly “because of soft drugs” and the disparity in “crack cocaine versus regular cocaine” users. West referred to this phenomenon as the “new Jim Crow” because he said minority communities and the poor are disproportionately impacted.”  here

That this buffoon chose to speak to AL JAZEERA is in and of itself, enough to disqualify him on intellectual level.  But he continues his buffoonish rant by declaring the injustices of his fellow black brethren being put in jail for — illegal drug use.  Well, cry me a river….

Possibly West is overrating. After all, considering that Obama has illegally released criminal illegal aliens by a stroke of his big mouth, it’s more than a possibility that he’ll open the jail cells for black men who’ve ended up there by their own bad choices.  His regime is fall from over.

I can only surmise that MSNBC and the horrendous Al Sharpton, must have been all booked up, or West would have been spewing his idiocy there.  Or perhaps, he has previously and is simply moving “Forward” to spread his racist lunacy?  After all, MSNBC and Al Jazeera are simpatico and many, many levels.



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