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John Kerry: Evidence “undeniable”… That Obama Has Used Political Power And Appointees Against Citizens


The ‘marrying up for money’ John “Lurch” Kerry — the man who came back from Vietnam to demand medals and FALSELY testified before Congress, of “crimes against humanity” & atrocities he saw his fellow Navy partake in.

He (Kerry) said the evidence was “undeniable” that the Syrian regime had used chemical agents. ….Our sense of basic humanity is offended not only by this cowardly crime but also by the cynical attempt to cover it up,” he said.  here

Secretary of State, the wimpy, married- the- ketchup- queen, John “Lurch” Kerry made the above statement.

There is also “undeniable”  evidence that the Obama “regime” has… is using the IRS, EPA, NSA, and Homeland Security “against” America citizens, for political power and purposes.  The evidence is also overwhelming that the Obama regime is in the process trying to “cover it up”.


Lurch Adams – separated at birth?

Where is ole is “Lurch” Kerry decrying that outrage? No where, of course, since he endorses and is part of the crime against American sovereignty.



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