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Miley Cyrus Went Whorish AT The 2013 VMA Awards

hannna mLong, long ago, on a Disney stage all but forgotten, a little girl made a name for herself playing ‘Hannah Montana’. . .   the typical “sweet” little thing on a TV show, created to draw in the young audience.  Hannah Montana, though fictional, was played fairly well by an ‘innocent” looking, young Miley Cyrus.  cyrus1Hannah Montana is now dead — she was slowly murdered in front of our very eyes the last couple years.

Miley decided by the age of 18, that she was grown up and wanted to prove her womanhood, as so many in the entertainment business do — by looking like a slut (fashionable in come circles, no doubt).

The now 21 year old Cyrus has run as far from ‘Hannah’ as possible, proving like Madonna, Lady Gaga and so many other females in the Hollywood/ celebrity scene, that ‘sweet’ isn’t good enough when you desire to be sexy  . . .  dirty sexy if possible.

thickiCongratulation to Cyrus.  She got what she wanted — plain ole, ordinary dirty.

Her performance at the VMA awards was shocking, but shouldn’t have been unexpected.  She proved she not only has no shame, no thought for any young people or fans watching, no respect for her parents nor herself — her act for whoreishly dirty as she bent over, waved her buttocks and pushed her rear into at the frontals of singer Robin Thicke.


Will Smith’s family did seem a little ‘shocked’ Speaks for millions of Americans

It’s more than a shame that anyone was forced to see her pelvic act.  But I suppose most of those who did see her, were not shocked, appalled or even wondered what happened to this 21 year old child.  This has happened over and over again… and will continue to as long as Americans  aren’t outrage and speak with their wallet.

I wouldn’t give a dime to this girl who appears to want to be known as simply the newest ‘trashy young singer’, but then, I never would have in the first place.  I do hope someone, somewhere will reach this child with some honest facts.  Anyone can act dirty or be whorish; it takes talent to get beyond those stunts and have style and class…. and morals.  She hasn’t learned that ‘cheap’ is a dime a dozen’… class and tastefulness, “priceless”.

See Fox’s story: here



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