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America’s “War Against Boys” Is No “Phoney Scandal”


Gun “drawing” = child suspended

School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys

As school begins in the coming weeks, parents of boys should ask themselves a question: Is my son really welcome? A flurry of incidents last spring suggests that the answer is no. In May, Christopher Marshall, age 7, was suspended from his Virginia school for picking up a pencil and using it to “shoot” a “bad guy” — his friend, who was also suspended. A few months earlier, Josh Welch, also 7, was sent home from his Maryland school for nibbling off the corners of a strawberry Pop-Tart to shape it into a gun. At about the same time, Colorado’s Alex Evans, age 7, was suspended for throwing an imaginary hand grenade at “bad guys” in order to “save the world.”

In all these cases, school officials found the children to be in violation of the school’s zero-tolerance policies for firearms, which is clearly a ludicrous application of the rule. But common sense isn’t the only thing at stake here. In the name of zero tolerance, our schools are becoming hostile environments for young boys…”   Read more: here


Pop Tart “gun:” = child suspended

Yet another example of the Left’s “war” on the very foundation of America — it’s male children.

Feminism was founded on Liberalism.  We’ve all struggled through the Age of Barbie, where we were told liberalism that little boys should be encouraged to play with Barbie dolls and that little should be allowed trucks.  We were told by Liberals with Degrees that children should not be spanked, because that teaches “hitting” and “violence”. ( Proverbs 13:24 – He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.  Proverbs 22:15 – Foolishness [is] bound in the heart of a child; [but] the rod of correction shall drive it far from him).

We were told that boys are brutes and girls weren’t allowed to achieve equally.  We were told that games like Tag and Tug of War were also “violent”.   We were told to discourage “competition”, as that was offensive to those ‘left behind’, and the Left demands “equality” (a Communist doctrine).

We were told the magnificence of “zero tolerance”, which defined by Liberalism, means: no tolerance for what they disapprove and they disapprove of common sense and normal, childhood behavior.

It’s normal for little girls to play with dolls and Easy Bake Ovens.  It’s just as normal for little boys to play Cops and Robbers, use imaginary guns and throw trucks.  None of these behaviors create or result is “violent behavior”, except in the distorted, rather twisted mind of the Liberal.

The problem is poor or bad parenting — and the idiotic Leftist running our school from Washington D.C. on down throughout our local schools.  Not every school, of course, but way too many.  Too many schools, Principals and teachers who don’t teach reading, writing and arithmetic but Liberal driven propaganda.  Two and two doesn’t equal 4 — but  whatever answer is OK, to “build self esteem”.

Self esteem and self worth are two of the corner stones of Liberalism — the exact opposite of what the Bible teachers: humility, self sacrifice, that we are all ‘sinners’.  Liberalism teaches that whatever you want to do, is good; make yourself happy first is dogma, that is most important; don’t allow anyone else to force moral or ethical standards on you; make your own standards… or lack there of.  And the reason we’ve seen adultery, fornication, abortion, ‘shacking up’ and ‘hooking up’ explode the last few decades.  Shame has been lost, by intent. boys

Little boys have been expelled or suspended from school for “drawing a picture” of a gun or point a finger and going “bang”.  This is certifiable, lock- them- up insanity.  This isn’t “zero tolerance” — it’s Liberal Propaganda in the First Degree.

The bottom line isn’t “boys will be boys” but ‘boys must be allowed to be boys’.  Climbing trees, jumping in streams, yielding sticks into magic swords, is part of boydom.  It shouldn’t be crushed nor banned, but appreciated and accepted.  After all, the goal since life began is to raise men — not a feminist interpretation of a feminized, non aggressive male unit.  We need, we must have and human nature requires that our little boys become those mature, stronger than female, men – the hunter, the husband and the father.  That is destiny.  And drawing a picture of gun or playing ‘throw an invisible grenade’, is simply part of the natural process.


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