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Obama To Provide “Free Pot” To His Democrat Voting Base

dopesAccording to the Department of Health, the Washington D.C. city government may begin funding pot purchases for low-income citizens. The DOH is in the process of creating a rule that would price control medical marijuana, giving it different sticker prices based on income. Two percent of all dispensary income would be used to adjust the sliding scale. If a patient earns 200% or less of federal poverty level wages, he or she can purchase pot on the low end of the scale.  here

For all us hard working citizens, this is like being told, “Oh goody, hone, we can now buy drugs for the punks down the street who robbed us last week”.  I wonder if Obama and his regime full of Goody- Two- Shoes Redistribution Socialist will buy our liquor?  Shoot, I’ll settle for food for the cat.

One thing is for sure, just when you think it can’t get much worse — it does.

Of course, this is the usual people, doing the usual things — Democrats will do absolutely anything (as proved by the Bill Clinton) to stay IN office.  Giving free dope to their dopey voters should be expected.  We know they already give them free cigarettes and booze, when driving them to voting stations.

This is just another extension. . .  something along the lines of the FREE “obama phones” and free cars.  Stuff, anything, everything they decide to dole out to the appropriate people: greedy, fools who’ll vote for Democrats to continue to not work and be given money and everything else under the sun.

I didn’t think . . . I hoped it was possible for one man, one regime, to destroy the fabric of America so quickly.  I was wrong. But that’s what Socialism does — play on the hearts and greedy of the most greedy, the most ignorant, the most uninformed and the most foolish of a nation.


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