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“90% Of White PPL Are Nasty. #HATE THEM.”


Three young murderers who allowed hate and racial hatred to win their souls

HATE THEM’: Here’s What Teen Accused of Murdering Australian Student Had to Say

The Twitter account believed to belong to 15-year-old James Edwards, one of the three teens charged in the murder of Australian student Chris Lane, is filled with graphic and shocking language about killing, smoking and even hating white people.

In one outrageous tweet, Edwards writes: “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

In another, he claims he “knocked out 5 woods since Zimmerman court.” The word “woods” is also a derogatory term used to describe white people” full story:  here


Murder victim Chris Lane. His crime was being white.

The same Liberal talking heads who screamed that Zimmerman was a “racist” and “targeted” Trayvon Martin because “he was black”, are now bellowing this wasn’t a “crime by racial hatred”.  They’re now decrying that when a black person murders a non- black that — it’s because of “guns”.

The parents of these murderers are saying it’s the “communities fault”.

The fault lies in the dark souls of the young black men.

The racist driven rhetoric and the hyper- attention loving race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, as well the Barack Hussein Obama who loves to interject himself in race- driven- agenda, must hold some responsibility in this murder. They have been simply — irresponsible.

This in no way relieves the 3 thugs from the murders they alone committed, but the vile hate emanating from Leftist like the aforementioned, dibbles down and contaminates everyone in touches.  Bitter black Americans drink it up and no doubt, feel empowered to murder “white people” after they hear fools crying “Justice for Trayvon!!” and “KILL ZIMMERMAN” gushed about on the news by phony liberal journalist on MSNBC and other networks.

Liberals, the Leftist, are consumed with race as a means to an end.  That end involves “social justice”, which is simply injustice for some people, decided by a select few.  And it’s the Liberals, the Left, who wants to decide who  to punish for existing.  They use race and racism as a battering ram, to silence their ‘enemy’: the white race, Conservatives, the Tea Party, anyone opposing the Lefts agenda.

This cause is taken up by white Liberals, who love to give themselves special dispensation for bashing their own race of people and feeling superior for doing so.  This is a particular disgusting and vile disease and mental disorder.

Hate is food for the fallen soul of man.  It’s a ravenous, consuming fire, which will take over the soul of any human who feeds it.  Liberals who continually propagate hate via the soap box of racism, will reap what they sew.  This is the shamefulness of people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the numerous, running mouths we can see daily on MSNBC , other networks, and on FNC when they want ‘opposing’ opinions.  These people have fed on racial hatred for many years and want to spread their disease.  This is a horrific phenomena of the last couple of decades, when some black ‘leaders’, pronounced themselves “leaders” and spokespersons for an entire community of black Americans. . .  much to their shame and ours.

Anyone who continues to drag around the title of ‘Reverend’, must know better.  How dare they use that title and preach revenge, social justice and racial hatred toward white people, as they take financial payoffs to load up their pockets?

Because they have lost their shame and darkened their souls.

The parents of these 3 young men are ‘blaming’ “the community” for the targeted, race driven murders their boys committed.  These parents should look in the mirror first.  What have they taught their children; what examples have they set; how have they raised them – obviously, not well.  Next they should look at who they listen you, show respect  for and who and what they endorse.  Gangster rap?  Sharpton? Jackson?  Obama’s race driven agenda?

We’re all held accountable for our actions and deeds; for our thoughts, daydreams and fantasies.  When we feed hate to the soul, the soul gives it back in actions.  These young men’s thoughts, daydreams and fantasies have become action and have been exposed to the light of reality.


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