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Rapper JZ, His Magna Carta Album And Verbal Assault By The “N Word”

jzPaula Deen has been reprimanded, cursed at, demoralized and thrown to the dogs of unemployment, for uttering the “n word” more than 20 years ago.  Liberals tell us that word is not to be used — well, not used if you’re not part of the “politically correct” LIBERAL culture.  Those Elite few are privileged to be able to say wherever they choose. After all, they’re the Elite, aka, wealthy Liberals.

Rapper ‘JZ’, who name is Shawn Carter (I can only guess that sounds too “white” for him to use in his career?) has a new album out called, Magna Carta Holy Grail.  According to those who have listened to it, which would include a whole lotta people at certain Walmart’s (it was played over the PA!), the “n word” (that’s nigger, nigga, or other variations) is used not just repeatedly, but in every sentence.  Obviously ZJ and those who subscribe to his form of ‘entertainment’,  aren’t “offended” by the use of the word. (here)

Now that the “n word” dispute has been settled and the word itself is proven NOT to be “offensive”, we can justifiably say it’s simply an infringement on freedom of speech by and for some people.  It’s Speech Control by Liberals.  The same folks who use God’s name in vain, drop the “F” bomb like candy and invoke all sorts of vulgarities without blinking…. nor apologizing to those who hear.

I don’t listen to Rap or any of the ‘pop culture’ people or groups. But I can feel repulsed by the lack of morality and decency these ‘songs’ propagate and the personal choices some of the entertainers make.  JZ is proving to be the typical Liberal hypocrite who I feel sure would spew anger and hatred at any white, non- liberal who used the “n word” and then cry how offended he was.  He spends money in Cuba, which suppresses and punishes it’s people via their communist dictators and he feels no remorse.  He flaunts his wealth while 100,000 Americans are on Food Stamps during the reign of Obama.  And he uses the word ‘nigger’ to entertain.

The only answer is to get over being “offended” by what obviously is not all that offensive!  And accept that the world cannot, should not and will not kowtow to anyone’s personal whims.  In other words, grow up.  We’re all offended by something — ignore, forget or move along.  And ultimately realize that there are those who have little to no respect for what others must tolerate. Rudeness, thoughtless and selfish behavior appears to be what most of us must endure.



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