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Racist Rhetoric From Democrat Holmes: “White Party Of Old Men”

Dem Rep: GOP ‘White Party Of Old Men’ Doomed In Texas

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-District of Columbia)  Interviewer: “Meaning what?”

“Meaning that the growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men and they know it,”

The up and coming racist bigots in America appear to be emanating  from, not the South, nor even “whites”, but from black Democrats  ( here).  Ms Holmes isn’t the first black or Democrat to lie and malign “white” people, the Republican Party or Conservatives as being “racist”.  But this buffoonish Interviewer whoever she is, never utters a word of caution or restrain, clarification or disagreement about this obviously racist and political bigotry, flowing from this “bitter clinger” who’s part of the Party of Older, Richer White Men, the Democrats.

This is to be expected decades long past Dr. King and his speach of “I have a dream”, when we ALL would judge a man by his character — and not his skin color.  Liberal Democrats, who boasts loudly of being “non- judging”, “open minded” and “tolerate” (what a laugh)  judge mightily by skin color and political party affliction. And do so with boastful pride instead of the shame they should feel.

This type of rhetoric comes from a dark, hardened and bitter soul.  A soul filled with unabridged rage toward political, spiritual and religious beliefs of a group of Americans, who believe an unborn life is a life of worth.  Not garbage to be tossed away like an animal caucus.  From people who love America as it was founded — not with slaves, of course, although every country has had slavery in it’s past, and most of those slaves were white people.

American’s love the country founded as land of the free and home of the brave.  Free to make personal choices — and live with them.  Liberty to choose hard work and self reliance rather than greed of taking from others. Proud of the men and women who choose to defend and fight for this nation at their own peril, even by a man who “leads from behind”, lies and harms their very mission.  And this mind set used to compass the vast majority of black Americans as well — before the Democrat polices changed their lives, minds and souls.

Fact is, the Republican Party is far from being “old white men”. It encompass every race, skin color and religion.  The fabrication that the Republicans (the Party that literally freed the slaves) is a “party of old white men” is a lie which has been pushed by Democrats for their own political gain.  And of course, Liberals and foolish Republicans  are pushing hard for another devastating amnesty scheme in America because they see illiterate, ignorant and ill informed future Democrat voters.  Sadly that’s what most will likely be.  People eager to take from a government stealing from citizens to redistribute to their voters.

Eleanor Holmes Norton is a bitter, old liberal, who can’t see pasts herself and any reelection. Shame on her.  Shame on the people who put people of her caliber in office.

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3 comments on “Racist Rhetoric From Democrat Holmes: “White Party Of Old Men”

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  2. Sembawang Bolo
    August 8, 2013

    Last time I heard, hispanics don’t really share the ethos of the demokrat party. They’re more religious, family-oriented and traditional valued; just the opposite of what demokrats espouse. If this Bobby Rush wannabe knew that, she’d by braying — like a jackass — to deport them ASAP.


  3. RightyPunditry
    August 11, 2013

    But what these Mexicans DO like about the demo’s is they like the idea of government freebies; greedy took over their common sense. Now the Cubans are a bit different, especially the ones he fled Castor to end up here under another commie like Obama.


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