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Texas Senator Wendy Davis Exalted As Newest Hero For The Immoral And Ungodly

liberalismEven though events didn’t finish up until after midnight, that night East Coast-based NPR reporter Elise Hu posted  a sympathetic online story about Texas state Senator Wendy Davis’ “riveting” filibuster of an abortion bill. In her piece, Hu included photos and quotations sympathetic toward Davis, but none critical of her. She attributed one of the four included quotes to President Obama from a tweet that was actually written by his political organization Organizing for Action.”  full story:   here

The article at Newsbusters.com is exposing (does anyone still not know National Public Radio is radically liberal?) the bias of an organization which pretends to be politically balanced, so they can receives millions in taxpayers dollars.  A crime in itself, but I’m addressing the imbalance of Texas Senator Wendy Davis.

We knew she was pulling nothing more than a self aggrandizing, publicly stunt.  Grabbing attention from the biased Liberal driven media and lusting after attention from the current liberal deity Barack Hussein Obama. I’m sure her political ambitions go beyond any State office.

But the story is a if a female who so worships at the feet of her abortion god, that a 5 month old (20 week), unborn child is not enough of an sacrifice.  She, as most Liberals, wants to be unencumbered in killing that baby right of to the day of birth.  Crushing it’s skull, sucking out it’s brains, cutting it into pieces, forcing the birth into a toilet or murdering the child after it’s born alive (infanticide is support by Obama).  All acceptable methods of disposing of the unborn.  Which leaves only one question to Liberals like Davis:  “What’s wrong with you?”

Abortion is an unnatural act.  A mother’s instinct is to protect the life in her.  When that’s interrupted, you have warning signs that you’re losing a moral society.  We’ve lost this one for generations.

Abortion has been accepted as birth control.  A relative non- event to rid the female of an intruder.  Wendy Davis, a radical Democrat, is part of that vile group, like Barack Hussein Obama.  The Democrat Party no longer has ANY moral compass.  They chose the path of lest resistance, which is to follow the human ‘sin nature’ down any road it chooses.  Immorality, unethical stands, lies, deceit — all have been accepted and embraced under the guise of “political correctness”, which is the Doctrine of Demons.

Democrats love abortion; hate the Execution of a murderer (too many of their own, I assume)

Democrats love Big, Bloated Powerful Government; not adhering to the Constitution of individual, maximum freedom.

Democrats love creating new laws which suppress individual freedom; they hate enforcing the ones on the book with which they disagree (border security, voting laws, death penalty, State sovereignty, racial discrimination, personal property rights)

Democrats love to forgive and forget their own misdeeds (Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren… the list could continue); they love to demonize Paula Deen, Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh Sarah Palin… the list could continue) for committing NO crime whatsoever.

The unborn have committed no crime — yet they’re punished most radically with a death sentence.  All because they’re nothing but “cells”, “unwanted”, “inconvenient”, “birth control”, “woman’s right” (to murder?)… it doesn’t matter.  That is all spiritual insanity of the highest order.  That is the ‘mind set’ of Satan himself.  And when a society resorts to killing the most fragile, most dependent and most innocent of all, it’s a finished society.  The land will remain, but a society with a moral conscience has been permanently seared.  And those who adherer to moral, stable, ethical and godly principles, will have to endure.

Where’s Sodom and Gomorrah?  Where’s the “great Roman Empire”… where will the United States be in 10, 20… 30 more years?: The same place those other societies are.


2 comments on “Texas Senator Wendy Davis Exalted As Newest Hero For The Immoral And Ungodly

  1. Jim Zee
    July 9, 2013

    Right on. Keep on fighting the good fight. God bless. Jim


    • RightyPunditry
      July 9, 2013

      and may God bless you… and the faithful few in this once great country.


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