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Life Down The Toilet

Saying you’re “pro- choice” sounds so brave, so rational and so delightfully correct. You’re asserting your freedom!  Which is why Liberals carefully and methodically choose words and redefine words, to suite a meaning they wish to propagate.  Most of which has nothing to do with reality.

“Pro-choice” makes the female feel better about the decision.  That she, the living breathing human being, who’s being imposed upon by some foreign alien being, has the “right” to get rid of that unwanted being, just as if were a cancer invading her body.  This being is referred to as a “fetus” — nothing more than a glob of cells, sucking out her life and using her vital nutrition.  Using the term “fetus” instead of “baby”, helps to break the barrier of normal and natural contact a mother feels for her own baby — and I do stress ‘normal’.  The nature instinct of any mother, animal or human, is to protect that life at any cost.  That nature contact must be broken so the female can more easily rid herself of this alien.

There have been well over 54,559,615 abortions since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 — that number is over a year old, so it’s not large nor accurate enough.  Those are innocent baby’s, innocent people who were denied life, mostly for convenience.  Abortion is viewed simply as birth control for those too lazy, ignorant or accommodating to their ‘partner’, to use birth control.  And, they don’t want to take responsibility for their original decision to partake in an activity which result in human life.  Let’s be honest:  sexual activity, procreation, is the only way to conceive a life. It was not designed to simply be an activity, a sport, a tool for catching a mate or temporary extracurricular activity.

We have a radical, abortion loving Democrat in Texas by the name of Wendy Davis, who filibustered a vote which would disallow an abortion after 20 weeks 5 MONTHS.  Her desire to kill life is so great, that she has no problem lying to people about her goals.  This has nothing to do with “women’s health”, nothing about “women’s issues” or “safety”.  It’s only about wishing to make sure there is nothing in the way of a female killing her baby right up to the day of natural delivery.  She has no shame, no regret, just self imposed pride in herself and her ‘party of death’, the Democrats.

In the end, she’ll lose.  The vote will likely succeed, next time around, but that’s not the point.  She’s lost on the grander stage of humanity.  She not only supports abortions, she, like all radical liberals, loves abortion at any cost.  Dead babies; dead humans, dead future voters and tax payers — the just the price we pay for a woman’s “right” to kill a body that is not hers!  A body that’s a desperate life, a separate blood system, separate in every way, except it’s need for nourishment from what should be it’s mother.  Not it’s executioner.

Watch this video if you have any courage.  It’s not graphic, but it is full of actual, accurate and honest detail right out of the mouth of an abortion ‘doctor’.  Kill the baby and dump it in the toilet.  That’s her answer.  A baby old enough to ‘live outside the woman’, given today’s technology.  Life denied by every female and every abortionist who puts themselves in the place of God.



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