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Deen Thrown On The Sacrificial Alter To Appease The Liberal God of Political Correctness

I’ve had enough of Liberals contorting Paul Deen into a racist demon.

deen_paulaThese are the same people who slandered Sarah Palin for having the gall to be a conservative; the same people who not only support but promote the (Democrat) “Party of Death”; who ignore the fact that the most dangerous place for a child is in the womb of a Liberal….. and then fall all over themselves like a herd of “Walking Dead” as they slander and maligned this woman.  And for the most part, it’s simply because she’s white, from the South, a professing Christian and a perceived conservative. All of which are unforgivable crimes to Liberals.

The fact remains: the word “nigger” is not “offensive” and is certainly not a criminal.

Jamie Foxx repeated used the word and no one was ‘offended’ He also laughed about “killing all the white people”. Offensive?

I hear this word in movies and TV shows, in Rape ‘music’, I see it used on Face Book and in public by the very people it supposedly offends!  In particular, from people on The View who stated it was a “term of endearment” — at least when coming from people this woman approved.  Blacks use the word toward and among each other.  It’s used by ‘white folks’ who are Liberals and received their Doctorate in Political Correct and are therefore embraced by other liberals, regardless of race.  Therefore, the word is not offensive.  The offense is a perceived one by the hearer, when the word is coming from someone they don’t want to say it. That’s simply attempting to control speech, something which Liberals live for.

This poor woman has been depicted by the predictable rude, assaulting Liberal, as a criminal who they’ll now devout and destroy — for saying a word.  Beyond ridiculous.

Impeached Democrat Bill Clinton committed crimes against women and the country – which should still be very offensive to all Americans.

Apologies are never accepted and are good enough, when a liberal is in charge of the speech.  Bill Clinton was accused and indited for all sorts of crimes, even crimes against women (rape) and Liberals still see him as a star and hero.  Both he and Hillary have used the *“n word” (*the fact that we’re now ‘forced’ to speak like we’re all 4 year olds is bad enough, but now we need an Alphabet Dictionary to keep up).  They were not only forgiven, most liberal reporters never even reported that little fact.

As a country we celebrate a “woman’s right” to murder another unborn person, cry over timbered trees and demanded 25 to life for a guy who kills or tortures a dog.  We have Liberals in Obama’s IRS, breaking the law by targeting and profiling Americans for political purposes; we have the Obama’s EPA literally stealing private property under a phony “wetland” case, even after the owners won their case in court case.  We have Americans left to be killed in Benghazi while Obama slept and Hillary denied extra security, and then she says, “What difference at this point, does it make??!!”  We have a much needed oil pipeline said no to by Obama; coal and gas being drummed out of business, electric and gasoline prices  soaring, Americans out of work for years — and the hubbub is about Paul Deen saying “n word” over 20 years ago?  Insane.


Al Sharpton (who doesn’t live up to his name) never apologized for the Tawana Brawley lie he helped perpetrate on white police officers

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Jn. 8:7 and thus, the “open minded”, “tolerate” Liberal, will always be the first to throw the stone — at any non-Liberal.  It’s all political.  Were Deen an aborting support’in, tree hugging Liberal like Alec Baldwin, she could have said, “oh, oops, sorry” and it would have been over, as she was embraced, admired and promoted to a Taking Head on MSNBC, who do love liberal buffoons.  Her big sin was that she’s a white, Southern woman.

What I find ‘offensive’ are those using God’s name in vain, using “F*** you” and a slew of words directed a female body parts. These words are all over TV, shopping malls, movies and musical lyrics and no one even blinks an eye.

Words which slur race and color are rude, but when the people of that race use those terms themselves, they’ve lost the argument that it’s “offensive”.  If you don’t like particular words: DON’T USE THEM and don’t allow your children to grow up using them.  We live in a sin controlled world which we, as people, will never change.  We can only do our personal part by becoming responsibility, courteous and somewhat non biased toward others. And of course, we should always be grounded in truth.

“I have a…. where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.  What is Paula Deen’s ‘character’?  What is yours?


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