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Obama’s IRS: A “Scandal” That Is Part Of Obama’s Transformation Of America

obama IRS_1Obama’s IRS scandal is one of the worst scandals in our nations history.  It’s a scandal that has placed America in the same category with all 3rd rate, Banana republics, where the residing regime dictates its will over the people.  One of the reason our Founding Fathers left Europe and established what would become a new, powerful nation.  One which was to be ruled by the people, of the people and for the people.  A Republican were all our ‘representatives’ answered to the people directly — not to a corrupt, biased news media or one single man, playing President.  America is not presently function as a Republic.

What Americans are living under is despotism; soft tyranny.  Americans have lost control of what was given them.

We have American citizens receiving fewer ‘rights’ than illegals, criminals and Gitmo detainees. We have our government monitoring phone the calls, emails, and Google searches of citizens and in particular, conservatives.  Being profiled, audited and privacy invaded because these people have a differing view than the ruling power heads.

We have the Internal Revenue Service, as established by Democrats and Obama, now lording over our personal healthcare.  Deciding who will and won’t receive services?  Armed IRS agents, who will pick picks out certain individual and groups to punish for solely political purposes: to influence an election.  This is no longer America.

This is why Limbaugh said, “I hope he fails”.   Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t failed.  He’s succeed in harming the nation as a whole and particular individuals…. all with specific design.   He didn’t have to directly tell anyone in the IRS to profile and punish conservative groups — they’re Liberals like Obama.  They know the game plan. They think the same way, “winning at any cost”.  “The ends justify the means”.  It’s the disease of Liberalism.  But who in their right mind, could believe Barack Hussein Obama didn’t know about this horrendous scandal?  Especially with the head of the IRS in his office every other week.

He won’t be Impeached, as he should be.  I doubt anyone will be fired, tried or jailed as they should be.  Government is out of control — when controlled by the evil of a Liberal ideology, which is Socialism.  It will continue down this dark, desperate path unless and until America’s take charge of their own lives and demand an end to tyranny — just as our Founders did.  For this is no longer America.


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