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“Toxic Talk” Spewing From The Mouth Of “Low Information Journalist” Is Nothing New

Tim Graham is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center: Predictions of the demise of Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio are a dime a dozen. That liberal wish has been a repeated incantation. But it’s more amusing when the demise talk comes from …. “Newsweek.”

Come again? Who’s yesterday’s news? John Avlon of the Daily Beast asserts Rush Limbaugh “Bleeds Millions From His Carriers as Toxic Talk Slumps.” Ahem, nobody’s bought Rush’s show for a dollar, like someone bought Newsweek. Avlon finds some guy whose newsletter has a Facebook page with nine Likes to insult Limbaugh’s audience as “all wearing Depends” – when he graduated college in 1968.

Colliano: ‘We’re watching the end of right-wing conservative talk radio,” says Jerry Del Colliano, publisher of the radio-industry tip sheet Inside Music Media.  “The genre is dying among ratings and dying among advertisers … Rush is at the end of his career. His constituency is all wearing Depends. And he’s getting himself into trouble he doesn’t need. So can you put Humpty Dumpty back together again? They have been able to improve their advertising picture, but they have not been able to come back.”

But the larger issue is the declining demographics of the right-wing talk-radio racket.  “Look at the millennial generation,” says Colliano. “There’s 80 million of them coming of age. They don’t see color. They don’t see gender. And they’re civic minded . . .  They don’t like yelling and screaming. . .”

(Tim Graham) Dear Mr. Avlon: speaking of “toxic talk,” never forget sitting in the middle of a Newsweek chat about how no one should ever give Dick Cheney a heart.” here

The consistency of the inconsistent Left on full display.  We can safely bet our kids college tuition on the fact that whatever they say about other people, is what they themselves are doing . . . or saying.  Liberalism is spelled ‘hypocrisy’ for a reason.

1.  Who Usually Starts With Insults:     In the mind of a devout Liberal, if you’re not a Loyal Leftist (Democrat/ Progressive/ Liberal/ Low Information Voter) you’re fair game to be publicly smeared, reviled and placed on liberal talking points for Personal Destruction, by Democrats and Low Information Journalist.  It’s a rare day when that doesn’t happen. (I too have been known to watch the biased Left on MSNBC, etc)  Where did civil discussion go?  It seemed to die a rapid death once “the One” came into office and the Left saw their completed agenda just around the corner and the demise of their hated, evil adversary, the ‘Right’.

2.  Ignorance As A Way Of Life:       Colliano starts by making the inaccurate assumption (aka, propagandic statement) that it’s the Progressive, Democrat, Socialist who “don’t see color. They don’t see gender. And they’re civic minded: they don’t like bloviating. They don’t like yelling and screaming.  From personal experience, that’s about all the ‘see’ and grab on to.  So, that’s an unadulterated, unabashed, propagandic statement. Which is precisely what the Left consistently does.  It’s the more informed, articulate, well around and settle individual who readies for debate or discussion, based on issue and not personal slander and political propaganda — and that is not Liberals nor liberalism.

What I also know is – Rush’s’ rating remain high; MSNBC, CNN and the network news are all in the dumpster.  That’s easy enough to verify.

When I do decide to turn on MSNBC, CNN, ABC and most other (so called) news journalist or networks, I hear statements and comments I know not to be true or factual.  Things which are more likely than not, insulting and demeaning to me personally, such as “Tea Party” participants. Conservatives are “all racist” or I’m part of “the extreme uninformed” for watching FNC news.

biasWhat does this cover of Newsweek, say about Newsweek?  Do they have a horse in the race? Unless blind, we’d have to say, yup.

And what does this cover say about one of Obama’s opponents. . . just perhaps, could it be spreading false propaganda of his ineptness and weakness as a potential leader?romney_wimp_newsweek_605 The “Wimp Factor” could have easily been applied to Barack.

Bias is usually clear.  At least to those with open eyes, ears and minimal intelligent levels.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if Liberals came out directly, honestly to say who they are and what they support.  But the don’t.  They run from the facts, deny the truth about themselves, blame others for lying about them and then start hurling demeaning slander that they’ve been irredeemably “offended”.

But what about debating?  Where’s the civil discourse of discussion?  Gone.  The Left learned you can’t win on those grounds — fighting dirty might be fighting dirty, but if dirt has already seared your conscience over, it no long matters.  I surmise it doesn’t matter to most Democrats, who are closet Socialists.  And yes, so are some Republicans.

Maybe the cover of Newsweek says more than they intended . . . or maybe that’s an assumption, but after the first (horrid) election of a bona fide Marxist/ Saul Alinskite, that was their cover.  Yea for socialist.

Rush Limbaugh found a way to make a (terrific) living by “doing what he loves”.  And what he loves in America as founded, not the one which Democrats/ Liberals/ Leftist wish to turn it into.  He talks.  He has great wisdom and insight, covered by an even great sense of humor.

Most people who choose to hate him, listen to what other (Liberals) say about him and not what he actually said.  It’s rare to find anyone who listens to the man without a festering bias, who doesn’t “like” him.  But whether you like or don’t like, he’s one man with talk show who speaks what he believes and what he believes in.  He’s become wealthy and famous for doing so; by expressing his opinion.  And that’s too much for Liberals, who find truth about themselves too hard to handle.

Not everything is ‘black or white’, but I think most things are:  you either believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or you don’t.  You either believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God or you don’t.  You support the country as establish by the Founders as empowering personal liberty to individuals or you don’t.  You believe in big, growing power controlling government  . . .  or you don’t.  You’ve read the Constitution and study our foundering or you haven’t.  You understand Communism/ Socialism as an unnecessary evil placed on humanity . . . . or you don’t.  You believe there is a right and wrong and good or evil  . . . . or you don’t.

Gray comes from a confused, weak mind and/ or mind educated by liberalism.  Black and white speaks to clearness, certainty and a secure mind and soul.  A personal opinion, yes, but one determined out of clearness, certainty and security.  I hope yours is too.


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