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Democrat Bully Harry Reid Doesn’t Seem To Be Able To Bully Texas Senator Ted Cruz

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Lying Democrat Harry Reid

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid called Cruz a “schoolyard bully” after he dared to question Reid over tactics being used to raise the debt ceiling. Cruz responded by saying, “I wasn’t aware we were in a schoolyard.”

Cruz is concerned about Reid raising the debt ceiling without a proper vote or input. Imagine that.  Cruz said he was concerned that the conference report—which cannot be filibustered—would be used to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. He asked that Reid amend his motion to go to conference to make out of order any provisions raising taxes or raising the debt ceiling” read the full story:  here

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz could well be wrong on this point — the Democrat controlled Senate is filled with ‘school yard bullies‘, who pout and tout their own relevance, as they tell Americans what they will do, instead of listening to what Americans want.  Democrats have had a tendency, for decades, to behave as spoiled, school yard children and bully everyone in their progressive path.

Just as Reid himself, regurgitate unsubstantiated ‘story telling’, better known as lies, about Presidential candidate Mitt Romney just a year ago.  There never was a “secret source” who “told” Reid that Romney hadn’t paid taxes for ten years.  But Reid’s goal was accomplished: more personal maligning of a Republican.

Cruz is a strong man and determined, principled conservative, and thus will be hated by Democrats (and sadly) “inside the Beltway”, “go along to get along” Republicans.

The disease of Liberalism is rampant in D.C. and the powers that be, the self- appointed “inside the Beltway” Elite, do not like anyone who doesn’t tow their self- imposed line, who doesn’t follow their lead or doesn’t behave as good, obedient little followers.  That appears not to be a description of Senator Ted Cruz!  Fortunately.

This breath of fresh air is what the Senate needs — just what D.C. needs and perhaps, what the nation needs.  Principled, strong leadership, which doesn’t kowtow to the “elite” but governs, thinks and makes decision on principles — not arm twisting.  He has my consent to verbally punch brattish Reid in the nose.  Or continue to do so.

2 comments on “Democrat Bully Harry Reid Doesn’t Seem To Be Able To Bully Texas Senator Ted Cruz

  1. justturnright
    May 8, 2013

    Cruz is the best thing to hit politics in a long while.

    As Rush is fond of saying, “He’s living rent-free inside Harry’s head right now”….


    • Sembawang Bolo
      May 13, 2013

      Obviously many things live “rent-free” in Dingy’s head. He’s the consummate mental “slum lord”.


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