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“Smart Meters” Might Well Be Another Tremendous Assault On Our Freedom

In Texas a couple of years back, our electric providers rolled out their “smart meters”.  We the consumer were told we must allow their installation to replace the ‘dumb’ meters, previously used. There was quite a bit of resistance from Texans and it appears for good reason.

With our personal Smart phones, we can now turn on our AC, lights and other appliance, gadgets from our phone! Lovely idea, when I do it.  But, did you know that the Electric company can too — or turn them off? 

For instance, years from now, in a galaxy far far away, some government entity decided you in sm2particular were using too much energy, harming the precious plant . . . . and zip –– no AC for you!!  This is now more than a Seinfeld Soup Nazi skit, this is liberalism Nazism at its finest.  And it’s already happening in Europe!

Do we want this here?  Are we going to allow the electric company (or government busy body) to run our homes?  They’ve taken over healthcare, they’ve taken over our ‘low flow’ toilets… so how long before, under the guise of ‘saving the planet’, will government be controlling our air conditioning?  Controlling how much or when, we can use electric lights?  When usage it higher, will the ‘electric company’ be controlling our AC  — raising it from a comfortable 74 degrees to 87? When it’s 20 degrees and snowing out, will they cut our heat back to 58?  They can if they wanted to.

In Texas we’re trying to say saying YES to Senate Bill 241 so the power belongs to the consumer.  Find out what’s gong on in your state.


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