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Boston Bombers Mother Knew Son Was Jihadist Wannabe


Megyn Kelly (FNC) reported exclusively this morning that, according to FBI sources, the mother of the Boston bombing suspects knew over two years ago that her son Tamerlan had been radicalized and that she sent text messages to a family member in Russia suggesting that her son had changed and was now willing to die for Islam.

In a phone interview with Martha MacCallum, Kelly said that reports also indicate that the mother had changed as well and may have been inspiration for Tamerlan’s change”  here

So mama, who’s wanted for grand theft in America and has ‘fled’ to Russia, is not the poor little Welfare Mum, trying to make ends meet, after the deadbeat Dad split.  She’s a devote jihadist lover as well — or so it appears.

I’ve seen a couple of interviews with this ‘kill’um all’ Mom, and although she was willing and eager to take Welfare/ Food Stamps money from American taxpayers, believes America is evil and should be attacked and destroyed, and seems more than pleased with her evil sons.  She also appears to have encouraged her useless offspring maggots, to do what they did.

One is dead; the other should be dead soon.  And then Mommy should be tried for treason and join them.


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  1. justturnright
    April 29, 2013

    Agreed, across the board.


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