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Baby Thrown Into Bonfire As A Ritual Sacrifice

ramon-gustavo-castillo-gaete-leadA three-day-old baby was horrifically thrown into a blazing bonfire in Chile because the leader of a cult believed the newborn was the antichrist. The deadly ritual was allegedly approved by the infant’s mother.

Police have arrested four people involved in the death of a newborn baby, 3, after she was burned alive in a religious ritual in Chile. The cult responsible for the gruesome killing was led by Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, 36, who is still at large.

Before the tragic murder, the baby was placed on a board and had her mouth tapped shut to muffle her dying screams, according to the Daily Mail. Miguel Ampuero, of the Police investigative Unit, revealed the horrifying conditions in which they found the baby.” here

This sounds shocking and horrifying — but in the world of reality, there’s not much difference between this evil act and abortion.  Both are horrific murders of  innocence.

American defends and propagates a woman’s “right” (which doesn’t exist) to kill her own child by abortions.  We’re now seeing late term abortions, where a baby’s survives and is killed (Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia is a perfect example).  Killed as if they were nothing more than free roaming, unless cells. 

Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, voted FOR infanticide when in was in the Congressional Senate of Chicago.  This is the same Obama who talks of the glories of saving “just one children”  by passing unneeded, unwanted, and unnecessary new ‘gun laws’ — and yet, this man praises Planned Parenthood for their work.

You won’t hear Obama, or any Liberal, speak of the horrors of abortion or infanticide because it’s part of their political doctrine.   A sacrament to the god of Liberalism.  Obama has been quick to criticize police officers for arrests, without knowing any facts (by his own admission) — he has nothing to say about Dr. Gosnell.

That poor child was slaughtered for a pagan ritual, conceived out of the demonic mind of an evil man.  What is Obama’s excuse for supporting infanticide and his unwavering adoration for abortion?


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