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Gerald Rivera Has Seen The “Enemy” — And Evidently He Sees Americans


Who gave Geraldo Rivera another shovel? We didn’t think he could go any deeper than sending his regrets to his Muslim brothers and sisters taking the heat for that Boston Marathon bombing, which was of course the work of homegrown anarchists.

We have no idea who’s “evading the Constitution,” and as much as Geraldo’s rants might inspire us to reconsider the First Amendment, we’ll just have to let him babble. It’s the price of freedom. here

Geraldo Rivera has always been a devoted and devout Liberal fool.  The fact that FNC seems obsessed to hire more and more of these fools, to spout their foolishness, is disturbing and should be reflected by dwindling ratings.  And it will leave constitutional Conservatives looking solely to the Internet and radio for news.

jerkFoolish Geraldo did not disappoint as he continues to spouts his Liberal diatribe of ‘blame America first’.  We, meaning the American people, are the “enemy”?  We, the American people, are to “blame”?

But of course, our intolerance, our lack of contorting ourselves, our laws, our customs, our language, our ideas to suite and appease foreigners who refuse to assimilate and become Americans — it OUR FAULT.

Do us a favor, Geraldo and go back home to your Pops Puerto Rico or perhaps you’d find Iran more comforting in your outreach to the enemy.

This is what Liberals continually do: blame Americans.  And then they wonder where these Jihad’s get their training!?  Well, wake up Liberals because they’re getting it from YOU. 

And to no surprise, this newest terrorists was also…..  pro- Obama.  here

There’s no real need or necessity for Future Jihadist Of America to travel to Russian, Iran, Pakistan and Libya– they can get indoctrinated in how to hate America, her values, standards and customs, by listening to Liberals pontificate and their hate for our very founding.  It begins in elementary school, travels to middle schools, high schools and institutions of (so called) higher education, where they’re uneducated in every way possible and ends up in Congress and now, the White House.

Diversity is the priority. Slamming America is just a bi-product.

America has suffered through (about?) 6 terrorist attacks and/or attempted attacks, since Barack Hussein Obama took office.  By the grace of God, the New York car bomb of ’09 was found in time; the office tower bomb in Dallas Texas was found in time . . . . the Fort Hood slaughter, by Hasan, was successful — just as Boston was successful.  All of these attacks came from Muslim, Arabs and future jihadist.  There’s no reason to believe they were “lone wolves” or working alone.  Islamic jihadist have sworn to destroy American and Western civilization.

And Liberals continue to blame Americans for not being tolerant.  Unabridged fools utter such disgraceful and asinine statements as blaming Americans for what radical Muslims chose to do.   Geraldo Rivera has hashtaged himself.


5 comments on “Gerald Rivera Has Seen The “Enemy” — And Evidently He Sees Americans

  1. saneromeo
    April 23, 2013

    Between Bill O’reilly (HARDCOPY) and Geraldo Rivera (Donahue’s competition) it amazes me that Fox has any credibility. I watch it though, because they could have leprechauns singing in tutus and still be more believable than msnbc or cnn…


    • RightyPunditry
      April 23, 2013

      Agreed… and they’re going downhill fast.
      How foolish to establish a network to expose ‘the other side’ (moderate/ conservatives viewpoints) and hire Liberal after Liberals. Dennis Kucinich was the last straw.


  2. Sembawang Bolo
    April 25, 2013

    Well Geraldo certainly has one thing right about the ‘enemy’ being him.


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