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Liberals Are Just As Scary As They Are Ignorant And Willfully Uninformed

Here’s a man named Mark Dice.  He’s done his own Jay Leno ‘stupid people you’ll find on the street’ interview in Southern California (known to be full of Liberals, if you get my drift).

He asked people to sign a “petition to help Obama” by “repealing the First Amendment” (that’s regarding freedom of speech for Liberal anyone who might not know).  In 15 minutes he had more than a dozen signatures from the uninformed who heard the words “help Obama” and signed the petition without a thought.  Assuming they have ‘thoughts’.

Mr. Dice also did the same for the 2nd amendment, stating the petition was “to repeal the 2nd amendment and take guns away from those Right-wing, white people….” and therefore the “only guns on the street would be illegal”.  More signatures.

God help this nation.


3 comments on “Liberals Are Just As Scary As They Are Ignorant And Willfully Uninformed

  1. paisstat
    April 18, 2013

    Sadly, this does not surprise me at all! Living in Los Angeles, I’m constantly surrounded by this brand of rainbow fascism, where people have literally stopped thinking altogether!

    The media, academic elite and an overwhelming percentage of self-proclaimed liberals hold the belief that anyone who disagrees with them is a racist, anti-woman, homophobic, evil, greedy, etc. How dare we contradict their orthodoxy! We should just shut up!


    • RightyPunditry
      April 19, 2013

      You’re so right. I call Liberalism, the ‘doctrine of demons’ for that’s where it originates. It’s a crying shame they’ve ruined such a beautiful state as California with their taxes and whacked out, leftist agenda.


      • paisstat
        April 19, 2013

        Yes, California is literally paradise lost with the complete control of the union backed Democrats, the spending, waste, taxation and corruption are so out of control. California has 12% of the population of the United States, but 33% of the welfare recipients, the governor is pushing to spend billions on a high speed rail line, where it will begin and end in the desert, and the amount of money and time it takes to start a business and employee people is so excessive, it is nearly impossible in this day and age. Unfortunately, California is toast unless we see a wake-up call, which I doubt will happen!


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