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Obama’s Government: U.S. Army Lists Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and “Islamophobia” as forms of “Religious Extremism”


U.S. Army Lists Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and “Islamophobia” as forms of “Religious Extremism”

How nice of them to include the Ku Klux Klan on the list of Religious Extremism. Who knew political ideologies were a religion.

JihadWatch reports:

This is the politically manipulative and ridiculous nonsense that has replaced truthful information about Islam and jihad. And the implications of it are quite ominous. Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism and “Islamophobia” are forms of “Religion Extremism” on par with al-Qaeda and Hamas? Then how long will it be before the Obama Administration goes to war against them, as it has repeatedly declared that it is at war with al-Qaeda?

Note also: Obama has repeated many, many times that we are not at war with Islam, and the mainstream media line is that to suggest otherwise would be evidence of “hatred” and “bigotry.” But apparently it is not “hatred” and “bigotry” for the U.S. to declare that Catholicism is the same sort of thing as al-Qaeda. Now, the list does include “Sunni Muslims,” but specifies those in Iraq — we already know that there is no possible way that the Obama Administrations means to classify all Sunni Muslims as “extremists.” And the list also apparently specifies that only Catholicism in the U.S. is a form of “religious extremism.” But that’s bad enough: where are the Catholics flying planes into buildings, bombing Baptist churches, and threatening to conquer the nation and subjugate non-Catholics under the rule of church law?”   This is not going to end well.  here

Sickening, shocking yet not unexpected.  This is the direct that Barack Hussein Obama has been ‘leading from behind’.  His lack of respect for our nation, our Constitution, Judaism and Christianity has always been clear, to those looking.


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  1. Sembawang Bolo
    April 19, 2013

    A few more to add to the list: the SPLC, The Church of Global Warming and The Liberal Orthodoxy.


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