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The Blind Leading The Blind Down The Liberal Theological Primrose Path


Rev. Kelly Carpenter told FoxNews.com on Monday that his 400-member congregation and its 18-member Leadership Council have long considered the move. (Green Street United Methodist Church)

A church in North Carolina will stop performing marriages until United Methodist pastors are allowed to officiate weddings for same-sex couples in the Tar Heel state.

The Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem made the announcement on its Facebook page on Friday and held a press conference on Sunday detailing its plan. The Rev. Kelly Carpenter told FoxNews.com on Monday that his 400-member congregation and its 18-member Leadership Council have long considered the move.

“Many people in our church have been very active about marriage equality in North Carolina, so we’re not new to talking about this issue,” Carpenter said. “So over the past year, this statement has developed, and not only to the state of North Carolina, but also to the United Methodist Church in regards to the injustice of not being able to conduct same-sex weddings.” Read more: here

I’m sure, as most liberal ideology goes, these people are very ‘proud’ of their “open-minded”, “tolerant” stance, as the “progress” forward with “love” for all people.   It allows them to brag about their ability to”forgive” and “love” and not “judge” . . . . if nothing else. But have they read the Bible?  Did they seek God before making such a decision?

The answer could be yes on both counts.  They read the Bible and make ‘decisions’ based on how the “feel” about what they read — not on what God Himself has clearly said.  They “interpret” according to their personal beliefs, and not on God’s.  Sadly, their prayers may go no further than the ceiling.

Does that sound “judgmental”?  “Intolerant” or mean?  The world would say yes on all counts.  But it is ‘judgmental’ — because as Christians (those who follow Christ’s teachings), must be discerning and judge those within the church (1 Corinthians 5:12).

This church is a disgrace and embarrassment not only to itself, but to those they’ve contaminating with their worldly views.  But most importantly for the Lord Himself.  Rev. Kelly Carpenter and his congregants have shown disregard and contempt for the Word of God.  Not a matter to be taken lightly by any of us.

Within the first chapter of the Bible, it is clear that God created woman for man and man for woman.  The institution of ‘marriage’ was created by the Lord.  Unfortunately, this seems to be something this church has chosen to ignore.

The Bible speaks to the “great falling away” of believers, as they embrace worldly bibletraditions and its depravity and lusts.  This has been true since the beginning, in the Lords days of walking the earth and is becoming even more ‘popular’ now.

What a shame and travesty that God’s own elect can walk away from Him Who chose them.  But we all do that, each time to choose our own path over His.  And why we need to all pray for all Christians to seek God’s path —  and now our own.

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