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Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve. But Please Try Again Using The Koran


The Village People weren’t part of The Last Supper as a public (government) school mocks the Bible.

“Some object to Mass. school’s gay biblical play”

The head of a western Massachusetts charter school says a student production of a play that retells the biblical story of Genesis with gay characters will go on as planned despite objections from some who say it’s offensive to Christians.

Scott Goldman of the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Public Charter School said in a letter to parents Wednesday that the school has received email petitions and phone calls describing Paul Rudnick’s 1998 comedy ‘‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told’’ as ‘‘blasphemous and hateful.’’ read more foolishness:   here

Interesting how the story says “some” object.  Just ‘some’?  Really?

Where these dingle-berry’s to depict the Qur’an with a gay Mohammad, we know what happens.  But,  abusing the Word of God in such a fashion, is considered being open-minded and tolerant, and therefore acceptable, in the warped thinking of Liberalism.  And undoubtedly this same school wouldn’t be allow a Nativity Scene on display during Christmas or ‘Obama forbid!’, have kids sing songs like “Oh Holy Night”

All this mocking of Christianity for the sake of “diversity”.  Or hate.

I suppose they’re going to have a ‘gay cast’ playing Adam and Eve?  Perhaps Adam and Steve or Eve and Yvette?  But I don’t know how they make all the character homosexual and mange to procreate and replenish the earth with other people?  A miracle, perhaps?

What’s going to be next?  After sodomy what is there?  Bestiality?  What might transpire on the Ark?  We don’t want to deny anyone their…. umm, form of love, after all.

Of course, it’s not “diversity” the Liberal whackadoodles want, but maligning the Bible, Christians and hopefully getting a uber response so they will be able to cry and whine. These empty headed, foolish souls don’t realize that they’re not hurting Christians at all.  But the God they mock is taking note.

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