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New Pope Calls Abortion The “Death Penalty For The Unborn” Which Undoubtedly Irks Congressional Democrats And The Liberal Media

popeNew Pope Francis Called Abortion the “Death Penalty for the Unborn”

The archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has been selected to become the next Pope, leading the Catholic Church. Like his predecessors, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, he is a staunch pro-life advocate when it comes to abortion.

Last year, then-Cardinal Bergoglio stated, “Abortion is never a solution. We listen, support and understanding from our place to save two lives: respect the human being small and helpless, they can take steps to preserve your life, allow birth and then be creative in the search for ways to bring it to its full development.”

He once called abortion a “death sentence” for unborn children, during a 2007 speech and likening opposition to abortion to opposition to the death penalty.  here

This will set all the blathering- talking- heads in the media, and many in Congress (aka ‘Death Cult leader’ Dem. Nancy Pelosi) on a rebuking tour.

But with his stance on abortion, I can give this man super kudos.  Truth must be spoken to power in hopes of limiting their oppression over the powerless — the unborn.

The new Pope has also spoken against homosexual marriage and their adopting children, as an assault on children, which it is (here).  I’m liking this man more and more.  I’m also not nor have I ever been part of the Catholic church.  But I can recognize good thinking when I hear, or read it.

Conservatives have “conservative values” while Liberals have an agenda.  Thankfully the Catholics elected a man of values and not of a leftist agenda.  I wish American voters would do the same.

2 comments on “New Pope Calls Abortion The “Death Penalty For The Unborn” Which Undoubtedly Irks Congressional Democrats And The Liberal Media

  1. justturnright
    March 14, 2013

    Making all the right enemies, right off the bat.

    Blessings and prayers to our new Pope!


  2. Andrea
    March 30, 2013

    I agree with Pope Francis. Many like to say “Do not judge me” on this issue, but these same people forget that they are judging and condeminging to death their unborn.


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