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Liberals War On Jesus Rebuked By Sears And J C Penney


Major retailers including Sears and JC Penney are removing their ads from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” after the comedy show aired a movie spoof featuring the risen Jesus Christ going on a bloodthirsty, gun-packing vengeance mission.

“We applaud Sears and JCPenney for their wise action to stop funding damaging material such as the skit that mocked our Lord Jesus Christ on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association said Tuesday.  …..

“I hope folks can reinstate their patronage to these stores, and that Sears and JCPenney can stick with the good decisions they have now made,” he added.

A statement from Sears indicated, “It wasn’t supposed to happen and we’re taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Going forward our ads will not run in this form again around ‘SNL.’”  Read more at here

The humor of Liberals, Leftist and all agnostics (ag – meaning no; nostic – meaning knowledge in original Greek = ‘no knowledge’ by their own description) can be quite backwards.  They defend the “right” of an artist to place a Cross (the Christian symbol) in a jar of human urine.  They make movies and TV shows mocking the Lord of Creation and giggle with delight at their cleverness — all the while demanding that their beliefs be not just accepted, but respected.

They also demand that Christians show the reverence and respect for Muslims and not “judge” all be the “extremist” few, who just per circumstance, have committed a “righteous Jihad” war against the “evil of America” in their land.  This being said by Americans, could be a puzzlement to those with ‘no knowledge’; but alas, not to the informed, the Conservative and the enlightened Christian.

A dark mind is a wasted mind.  The mind of most Liberals is extraordinary dark to all things, but especially things of true spiritual discernment.  In most cases, their minds are dark by choice and personal decision.  So be it.  After all, you can’t argue with a rock.

That said, I do applaud Sears and J C Penney for taking a stand, when, like Chick- fil- a, they’ll be condemned, called intolerant bigots.

It has become expected that the Liberal Left will mock Christianity (the only path to eternal salvation through acceptance and belief in Jesus the Christ) with their darkened mental capacities and find acceptance for the paths to eternal loss.  It’s always been so.  After all, it was darkened minds who killed Jesus to begin with.

But there was a time in America, when the outright mocking of God wasn’t not tolerated . . .  . . it wasn’t even contemplated.  We had great movies like The Ten Commandments, Ben- Hur, The Greatest Story Ever Told and King of Kings, which were seemingly brought to the big screen with due humility.  Respect for the believers of this country . . .  even if prodded by a profit motive.

Times have changed, our culture has changed because the people have changed — for the worse.

Few go to church.  Few have respect for the Son of God and His message.  All of which has been foretold in the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation.  It’s something we as Christians, must tolerate and understand.  This is coming from the lost, angry world.  Just as we must respect those individuals or groups who take a stand against the slandering and mocking of our God, Creator and Savior.



One comment on “Liberals War On Jesus Rebuked By Sears And J C Penney

  1. Thomas Nuffan
    March 7, 2013

    An attempt of Liberal Indoctrination in all forms of culture and society. I hope more companies follow Sears and JC Penny’s lead.


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