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Obama Killing Friends In High Places With Cancerous Invasions

U.S. is giving South American leaders cancer, claims Chavez as Argentine president de Kirchner becomes FIFTH to contract disease


The brother from another Mother, communist Chavez

The U.S. government could be responsible for a recent spate of cancer among South American leaders, according to Venezuela’s outspoken president Hugo Chavez.

He suggested that the U.S. might have ‘invented technology to spread cancer’, and warned other left-wing heads of state that they could be targeted next.

Mr Chavez, one of several Latin American leaders to have contracted the disease in the last year, said he had developed his theories after Fidel Castro described the CIA’s repeated attempts to assassinate him.”   Read more: here

Giving this poor old, dried up communist cancer, is not a very congenial way to carry on diplomatic relations, but I suppose this is some trick Barack Hussein Obama learned from his mentor, Sal Alinsky and his Chicago thug comrades.

One would think that Obama would show more respect for yet another mentor to the South, but who knows what goes on in the mind of a radical?  Hugo maybe a brother from another Mother but evidently not close enough kinship to please our dictator wannabe.



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