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Obama’s Two Card Poker Hand

bo racecardBarack Hussein Obama has played two cards during his endless campaign mode.  His style of governing, or lack thereof, has been without of responsibility or leadership.  He’s a one trick pony who’s used the same trick since entering the political game and it’s a despicable, bigoted ‘trick’ of pointing fingers and personal destruction of any proponent.

Obama has used the Race Card to his advantage, as few ever have used it — except for his predecessors Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who would still be invisible, were it not for their race card shenanigans.  He used the Race Card as skillful as a snake-oil salesman in 1890.  He used it before the first election to portray himself as the face “not on the dollar bill”.  His ‘poor, little me’ style of campaigning and governing, which he a technique to gain him sympathy for the tone of his skin and some perceived oppression,which he never experienced.  But being of the black- persuading in a world which consists of so much phony liberal “white guilt”, Obama’s managed to gain votes from the “low information voters”, who must have some special attachments to Race Cards, WIC card, unemployment cards and free “Obama phones”.

obama blame gameObama has also systematically used and manipulated the ‘Blame Card’ to his advantage. He’s portrayed everyone else as gulity and responsible — but himself.  The horrible racist Republicans that won’t work with this poor, black individual (which can also be called the “Woe Is Me” Card) and his outrageous blaming of capitalism for the nations problem of government over spending.

It makes no sense to the logical, intelligent mind, but Barack’s way of reciting lies as facts, worked on the “low information voter”, who saw someone who would give them something they didn’t earn.  And that is one of the multi-legged platforms of the Socialist Democrat Party.

Obama will continue to blame the Republicans for his failures, as he proceeds to not ‘lead’, but manipulate, deceive, divert and lie.  He has no interest in compromise nor “working with Republicans” but to only give appearance of doing both.  And when the American economy takes another tumble, which undoubtedly it will, he’ll blame Republicans and snicker to himself at his success.

There is evil in the world.  Evil men doing evil deeds for their own purposes and goals,  Some simply follow their own dark conscience (or their thereof) and some are doing the work of the devil himself.  But with every evil victory and achievement these men achieve, God takes note.  God won’t be mocked.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Edmund Burke.  We’ve had too many bad men making too many policies and laws for way too long.

We are now on a precipitous in this nation.  Shall we regain our foundation, move forward to succeed in our personal freedoms and pursuits?  Are shall we continue to watch as bad men rule and reign by their personal dictates?

Long live common sense, a desire for personal liberty and God’s Just hand.



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