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Did America Elect A Color Or A Leader?

America Elected A Color Not A Leader

bhoBy Mychal Maisie on February 21, 2013 in Daily Rant

Obama fancies himself, among st other things (none of which he is either), to be a hotshot basketball player. But true to his narcissistic, megalomaniac personality he fails to realize that great athletes make their teammates better. I’m guessing even his wife could put on a pair of $600 sneakers that the taxpayers paid for and eventually make the equivalent of a jump shot. That dozen’t make her any more an athlete than his being able to dribble with one hand makes him a leader on the court.

Here’s my point. Phil Jackson is one of the greatest basketball coaches and team leaders in basketball history. When he took over as head coach of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls he did’t change the team; he molded the team into a cohesive unit that was able to collectively use the skills of the individuals to their maximum efficiency to win six world championships.”  read the entire article:  here

This is an excellent article by Mr. Maisie (who happens to be a black America, since skin tone is of such vital importance to Liberals). But I believe he’s missing the true point — Obama doesn’t care and never cared about making American ‘better’ nor ‘inspiring’ people to achieve and be successful.  Obama is all about his personal ideology.

Barack Hussein IBM’s agenda is and always has been, to change America …. for the worst.  I boldly say worse because Socialism is a proved failed system throughout the ages and throughout the world. Even a simpleton can realize that, if he’s open- minded to facts (which means we must have a lot of less than simpleton voters in this country).

 IBM’s comes from a Leftist breading ground of anti-American bigotry, being that his parents were communist, as IBM’s mentors have been. His desire for “change” is via destruction.  Destroying all that has made America and Americans great — personal liberty and responsibility.  All to sooth the savage beast within his own soul, that cries out for some phony “social justice”. Obama and the Socialist Democrats want the majority of power and wealth designated to the government — not individuals.

Of course, there are those who don’t believe any of what I’ve said either due to ignorance or choice, but again, that doesn’t change the facts of who this man is.  Put put it simply, Obama and his regime aren’t good for America.

And thus, Barack Obama will never be a “great leader” or even a “leader”. He’s a man who loves playing his “race card” and  who demands praise, glory and admiration for being (Barry) Barack Hussein Obama.  And more likely than not, was told his entire life how ‘special’ he was (because of his skin tone) and thus building up his narcissistic, larger than life ego, even larger. He’s a small man who can’t stand to be disagreed with and probably in private, rolls his eyes as much as Michelle, showing their dislike and disapproval of all who aren’t avowed Leftist.

Mr. Maisie will eventually have his black American President who will be a leader and not a divider.  But, it won’t be this man.  It’ll be a qualified, articulate, American loving black Republican or Independent, who’s desire is to see that America and her citizen flourish in all ways possible.  And not lead them down the prime rose path of “social justice”, division, and political bigotry.

4 comments on “Did America Elect A Color Or A Leader?

  1. seven
    February 28, 2013

    Love being right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS in fact a racist bigoted scumbag! How insanely freaking dumb are you people to believe that the president of the United States of America hates his own country?


    • RightyPunditry
      March 1, 2013

      Unlike you, I go by facts, not a bigoted, racist idealogy.


  2. justacowboyforchrist
    March 2, 2013

    It is amazing to me that if you disagree with Obama policies, you are automatically a racist bigoted scumbag. Is this the only playbook leftest know? The fact that I am against any president who runs a huge debt, promotes abortion, stands against Christian freedom of speech, intentionally causes gas prices to rise higher, wants to put more tax burdens on people, and more handicaps on American businesses, maximizes entitlements, and shuns Israel, to only name a few of the problems I have with his idealogy, along with many lies he has been caught red-handed in, and he takes responsibility for anything! What does any of that have to do with color?! I guess I could never be a leftest because too many facts get in my way. (Like four dead Americans in Bengazi that he had nothing to do with either.) What does this guy do besides play basketball and golf? He has taken credit for that. Oh yeah, and Obamacare, that America does not have the money for either. I’m tired of my country setting such a poor financial example for my kids and I. I’m tired of my country becoming more and more athiestic. But of course, my list of disagreements makes me a racist bigoted scumbag, and that’s all that matters. Go figure.


    • RightyPunditry
      March 4, 2013

      Yes, especially for the ignorant and willfully stupid who no interest in critical thinking — they’ve always played the racist card, because they have nothing else to say but hate. Very sad, indeed. And yes, too many facts do get in their way and they have NO interest in facts, just ‘talking points’. What BO has gotten away with (due to media compliance) is a crime and disgraceful. God have mercy on his children. Thank you for your comment. I get a lot of “hate speech” (I deleted 6 other comments from that guy, which were just repetition) and it’s nice to get someone who can think. :)


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