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Tebow Controversy Is Really No Controversy At All

tebowNew York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has backed out of an appearance at a Baptist mega church in Dallas run by a pastor who has created controversy with his remarks about gays and other faiths.  Tebow tweeted Thursday that he canceled a scheduled April 28 appearance at First Baptist Church due to “new information that has been brought to my attention.”

(Pastor) Jeffress has preached that gay sex is sinful, Mormonism is a cult and Islam promotes violence and pedophilia. He said Thursday that First Baptist was being mischaracterized as a “hate church,” and that the church’s teachings were consistent with historic Christian beliefs.”  here

Tebow became famous for his knee- to- the- ground, in a show of his personal thanks to God for something that transpired.  My personal opinion is that was little more than ‘showboating’ and unnecessary, when I private word to the Lord would have sufficed and been more fitting.  Never the less, he used this ‘controversy’ to “speak out” on his Christian views.

He’s now withdrawn a schedule speaking engagement at First Baptist due to the Pastor’s ‘speaking out on Christian views’.  One might say, “How odd is that?”

First, I have had concerns for this young man as he took on the heavy load hurled at him, by his open faith stance.  There are those who will hate him for ‘standing for Christ’ and he’s received more than his share of mocking. That’s always difficult and he is a young.

Secondly, I believe he made a mistake by withdrawing from speaking at First Baptist, after reading his weak excuse.  There is no “new information” regarding Pastor Jeffress.  The Pastor has been speaking the same Biblical truth regarding “gay marriage” and the sin of a homosexual lifestyle for many, many years (this is also what Tebow’s own church teaches).  Exposing Mormonism as a cult is also no ‘controversy’, since it is a cult.  Mormons are non Christians (who wrote their own Bible)  Jeffress teachings regarding the Catholic religion is no more than what the Bible teaches.  Islam does promote violence and pedophilia, as well of sending millions on the path to hell  — as ‘religions’ do.

That is not “trashing” other religions or homosexuals.  That is not “hate speech” nor hateful — that is speaking what the Bible teaches.  What Christians are to believe, teach and live.  And yes, the truth will offend just as Jesus Christ and His teachings were and always will be trashed, reviled and hated.  He is still an ‘offense’ to the lost and perishing.  Christ was so hated for his “hate speech” that He was killed, died for the lost world and rose again for our salvation and promise for eternal life — IF we believe in Who He is and what He has done for us on an individual basis.

What’s disturbing is that some of these hateful, vile remarks come from other Christians or professing Christians, whose lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bible is quite deep and profound.  Pastors have failed to teach the Word of God when they took up the mantel of simply teaching ‘love, peace, light’ and kumbaya….. and leaving out the justice of God and His righteousness — He cannot accept sin.  God does hate sin and we human beings must know what that sin is.  All people are not “children of God” and all are not going to heaven simply because they choose to believe “God is love” and nothing more.  These sort of failed ministers have full churches and full money plates, but their congregants are ignorant, empty souls.  They are taught to believe one side of a just God:  love and forgiveness.  God does love and forgive — but not by sacrificing any other attributes.  No one will get into heaven by being kind or loving or by flaunting their sin in His face or ours.  And that is an “offense” to most people.

Christians aren’t called to offend — but we are called to speak the truth regarding the Truth, which is offensive to the lost, and sadly some who are professing Christians.  These are the arrows of the devil that Christians have always received.  The devil doesn’t want the truth taught and the lost don’t want to hear it, since it riles their hatred toward it.  So be it.

I hope Tim Tebow hasn’t lost his way in attempting to appease ‘the world’, for the world is the enemy of God and believers following His teaching.  Maybe he’ll use this time to recoup and get his thoughts and priorities in order.

But this latest ‘controversy’ is actual no controversy, except possibly within his soul.  Pastor Jeffress teaches and speaks the Truth and that is no controversy.  And Tebow must decide who he’s following:  the world of football, the world in general or his stance for Christ. In any case, I do pray this is a time of spiritual growth for this courageous young man, which isn’t controversial at all.

“For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corin. 1:18



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