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How The GOP Is Destroying Itself, Conservative Candidates And America

Americans love to watch public figures eviscerated publicly. Progressives love to bash conservatives. And the media will go out of their way to cripple conservative candidates (even if it means missing wildly and making an ass out of themselves, i.e., Wolf Blitzer and Marco Rubio’s water bottle)….   cdFor over two years now, center-right political professionals — from Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove down to local GOP pols — have trashed Christine O’Donnell without relent. They’ve made her name synonymous with embarrassing failure. The declamations are tossed off casually by TV’s alleged conservatives, usually as a cautionary tale. Among the right’s talking heads, Christine O’Donnell is invoked as a two-word epithet utilized to dismiss unfit and extreme Republican candidates, most often tea party upstarts. I object. ….

…. Whatever you think of the candidate herself, she took an unseemly barrage of media arrows that would have otherwise landed on other candidates. With every old clip Bill Maher released of Christine’s antics on “Politically Incorrect,” the legacy media spent hours ridiculing her. Across the networks, on October day after October day, liberal media elites relished, reveled in and replayed every O’Donnell gaffe and misstep. …..they may have thought that they were damaging the Republican brand….

In the GOP’s highest echelons, there are leaders who have little interest in limited government or America’s founding principles. They’ve memorized our talking points, but only as a vehicle to power. They don’t want to trim government from our lives. They just want to be the ones pulling the levers in Washington. I’m not saying that Karl Rove dons a dark cape every night at 11:59 p.m., applies black lipstick, then sits in front of a fire, strokes a white cat and reads the Constitution backwards to summon the devil for Mephistophelean chats about bending millions to his will. I don’t know if he has a cat.”  Read more: here

The Republican Party is in trouble.  The hate filled propaganda and unsubstantiated lies, are the constant drum beats of Democrats (aka, Dem. Sen. Reid declaring a “secret source” told him Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years was an obvious lie and ploy.  NO media called him to prove his accusations and few Congressional Reps) and our corrupt, liberal ‘news’ media, who’s sole purpose is to support Democrats and hide their misdeeds.

The other huge problem is the Republicans themselves, who as Mr. Walker correctly wrote, pontificate memorized conservative talking points which they don’t believe in, except at election time.  This is the definition of Sen. John McCain and many still in office.  Other “conservatives” who are quick to thrown a Conservative candidate under the proverbial bus in some mislead, false belief they prove how ‘open minded’, bipartisan and intelligent they are.

We rarely see this displayed in Democrats who not only support their failed, unethical and immoral candidates, but do it with zest and zeal.  Right or wrong, Democrats love their bad candidates and even poorer, reprobates Congressional and President representatives. ‘Birds of a feather’ and all.

I lost much respect and admiration for many I saw demeaning Conservative candidates.  Karl Rove can sit on top of a volcano as far as I’m concerned — he needs to go away and shut up, or at least be honest.  He’s not a conservative and doesn’t support conservatives principles nor candidates, so he should stop the pretense.

Democrats would receive some respect if they were honest and told the people their Socialist loving agenda of creating behemoth size government and ignoring the Constitution they hate as much as our military.

Neither of those would happen, and as long as we have disinterested, uninformed voters this once great nation will continue along the path of morphing into the USSR.

But Republicans talking heads on TV and radio, who pretend to be principled conservatives, love to bash Conservationism and real conservative candidates, who are not “extreme” — but principled.  These ‘phony- conservatives’ becomes the “walking dead”, devouring their own, in some pretense of open- mindedness.  And it’s sickening.

Morals, ethical standards, adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been thrown into the trash bin by Liberal- Progressive – Socialists- Democrats — and the elite ‘phony- cons’ put the lid on the can.

The GOP has abandoned principled conservatives and continues to force non- conservatives on the country.  Therefore, they will likely continue to loose more elections than they win and give America more failed, Liberal politics.

Barack Hussein Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party and with the help of members of the GOP, that might be successful strategy.  We will have 2 Parties that really are bi-partisan — they’ll agree on most things they wish to accomplish, none of which constitutionwill be good for America or it’s citizens.

Fifty or hundred years from now, we’ll have people asking, “What happened to America?!”  And there will be some left to explain:  We had people who spent their daily lives at the National Archives in Washington, working to save a piece of paper known as the U.S. Constitution.  But we had very few people who work to save it’s principles.  Now it’s just an irrelevant piece of paper.


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