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Prayer Breakfast Is Offensive To Liberals Because The Word “God” Was Invoked

prayer brkfA conservative doctor named Ben Carson made quite a splash this week when he appeared to lecture President Obama at the national prayer breakfast.

On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, host Candy Crowley asked her guests, “Do you find anything offensive with” what the doctor said or did.”

CONGRESSWOMAN JAN SCHAKOWSKY (D-ILLINOIS): Well, I think that there’s a political correctness that he was trying to use to appeal to a conservative audience. I think it’s really, not really an appropriate place to make this kind of political speech and to invoke God as his support for that kind of point of view (although, she and other Liberals never protest when Nancy Pelosi or Obama “invoke God” for their political points – RP). But I think most of all the kind of message that he was giving shows a real empathy gap of where the American people are right now, and I think it’s reflective of where many of the Republicans and Tea Parties are right now that we need to have an economy that works for everyone.”

CANDY CROWLEY, LIBERAL TALKING HEAD @ CNN: “Do you find anything offensive?”  (WHO REALLY CARES?  Do we offer ‘free speech’ to all, or just Liberals who are offended by everything which goes read more: here

I take umbrage with columnist Noel Sheppard tagging Dr. Ben Carson as a “Conservative” since Carson doesn’t refer to himself as a political conservative — but an Independent.  Granted, he spoke endorsing conservative and Constitutional principles, which are simply common sense and correct principles, but we don’t know enough of his views to call put him in any ‘conservative’ box.

And most importantly, we know that Democrats and Liberals use the word “conservative” as if it were spelled with 4 letters.

dr carsonBut how ridiculous and absurd to ask anyone if they were “offended” by bring GOD INTO A PRAYER breakfast gathering!  Which certainly showcases the stupidity behind Liberalism.

Dr. Carson was asked to speak, just as Barack Hussein Obama was asked to speak.  Obama brought politics into the prayer breakfast — and thus, so can anyone else.  And Carson should be able to speak without it being insinuated he was “offending” the audience!

Dr Carson was a bright and shinning star at the breakfasts.  And no doubt, someone who made Obama grind and clinch his teeth.  Common sense, God and godly values and principles will always do that to the proverbial lost soul.

I enjoyed Dr Carson and hope to hear much more from him in the coming weeks and years.  Maybe politics will be in his future and maybe not.  But a good breath of fresh, common sense air is always called for.  And honestly, it should be demanded from any and all in the political arena.



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